Justice scaleThe Medical College of Georgia Forensic Institute provides consultative services to private attorneys, the courts, administrative law bodies and governmental agencies, where evaluation and mental health information are relevant.

A forensic medical expert is a physician who has the clinical experience and academic training to form an informed, objective medical opinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty. The forensic psychiatrist evaluates the mental and emotional factors that are relevant to a particular legal contest. This process occurs through clinical interviews, record analysis and psychological and medical testing to formulate an independent and objective opinion.

An expert opinion is then thoroughly and effectively communicated by written report, deposition and, if necessary, courtroom testimony. Our faculty and complementary experts possess an impressive range and depth of experience and expertise in forensic psychiatry and supporting disciplines.

"We were victorious and …this decision is basically bulletproof. Thank you for all of your work on this case and your help! Your testimony was clearly very helpful as the court cited to your opinions several times in its order. Well done."

We believe the primary requirement of an expert witness is to be a skilled and knowledgeable clinician with the ability to provide objective and insightful assessment and then to work collaboratively with either the plaintiff or defendant’s counsel. 

Additionally, to be a member of the Forensic Institute it is required for an expert witness to be a teacher. Our experts have demonstrated their excellence in persuasively translating their knowledge in an understandable and impartial fashion to court professionals, medical trainees and lay persons alike. An expert witness must educate attorneys with regard to the relevant behavioral and clinical aspects in the case. If that case proceeds to trial, our experts will conscientiously inform the court and jury with regard to their opinions, as well as the medical foundations for these opinions.

Inherent in our participation is a genuine interest in the field and a seasoned understanding of the role of an expert including the desire to exceed expectations in documentation, thorough and timely reporting and adept provision of testimony.