Amanda Behr

Interim Chair

Amanda Behr

Interim Chair

Associate Professor

Academic Appointment(s)

College of Allied Health Sciences
Department of Medical Illustration

The Graduate School

Other Duties

Program Director, Medical Illustration


Amanda Y. Behr, MA, CCA, CMI, FAMI is a board certified Medical Illustrator and Certified Clinical Anaplastologist who serves the Department of Medical Illustration as Interim Chair and Program Director.

  • (706) 446-5427
  • CJ 1107


  • MA, Illustration () Johns Hopkins University - Sch, 2004

  • BFA, Liberal Arts and Sciences/Libe University of Georgia, 2002


  • Certified Medical Illustrator Board for Certification in Medical Illustration, 2005

Courses Taught Most Recent Academic Year

  • MILL 7660

    Med Illust Tech IIA
  • MILL 7670

    Multimedia I
  • MILL 7650

    Surg Observ Sketching I
  • MILL 6671

    Electronic Media II
  • MILL 9210

    Invest of a Problem
  • MILL 8020

    Learning Resource Mgmt
  • MILL 9250

    Master's Project
  • MILL 6651

    Med Illust Tech 1B
  • MILL 6780

    Surgical Techniques
  • MILL 6670

    Electronic Media I
  • MILL 7661

    Med Illust Tech IIB
  • MILL 6650

    Med Illustration Tec IA
  • MILL 7671

    Multimedia II
  • PHAS 5136

  • MILL 7651

    Surg Observ Sketching II

Teaching Interests

Visuals for patient education 3D Modeling and Animation Design and print production Traditional illustration media Medical sculpture


Selected Recent Publications

  • Caries Management with ICDAS I: Early Pit and Fissure Lesions, 2016
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • The Feasibility of Simultaneous Orthogonal Plane Imaging with Tilt for Short-Axis Evaluation of the Pulmonic Valve by Transesophageal Echocardiography., 2015
    Journal Article, Academic Journal

Research Interests

The integration of 3D printing and 3D scanning technologies in medicine: Use of DICOM data and 3D printing to create custom surgical implants and custom medical models for surgical planning and education. Use of 3D Design, 3D scanning and 3D printing in Anaplastology and other medical specialties such as OT and PT or education and patient treatment. Use of Serious Games and simulation for medical education. Role of Anaplastologist in facial or limb transplant teams Visual standards for patient education materials