2019-2020 Club Events

Due to COVID we are holding virtual events. Spring 2021
We hope to hold an in-person picnic so that we can social distance and wear masks. 

Date Event
September  6 Welcome Reception at the Cyber BuildingRSVP to Melissa Johnson.
October 4 After Hours
October 19 Beer Tasting/Oktoberfest
November 1 After Hours
November 7 Pinnacle Club Fashion Show/Luncheon
November 9 Hayride/Corn Maze (Family fun Event - $8 per person if 15 or more). RSVP to Melissa Johnson.
December 6 After Hours
December 14 Hopeland Gardens Christmas Lights. RSVP to Susan Murray
January 10 After Hours
January 18 Planetarium Visit – USCA (Family event)
February 7 After Hours
February 22 Cultural Event Highlighting KoreaRSVP to Melissa Johnson.
March 13 After Hours
March 21 Trivia Event (w/Diversity & Inclusion)
April 3 After Hours
April 5-11 Spring Break Trip- Barcelona (More info to come)
May 1 After Hours
May 2 Derby Day

Recurring Events

After Hours

Informal mingling at local pubs after work one Friday a month, with the club picking up the tab for appetizers

Special Interest Groups

A great way to meet new people and have fun

Trips Abroad

We've traveled to Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, Ireland, Paris and Panama. Where will we go next?