2022-2023 Club Events

Date Event
January 7

After Hours at Koi Japanese Restaurant
January 29 Planetarium Show on Mars
February 4 After Hours
February 19 Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Fest
March 4 After Hours
March Trivia Afternoon
April 1 After Hours
April Riverboat Cruise
May After Hours
August 26  Reception for New and Returning faculty
September 9 After Hours
September 25 Brunch and "The Music Man"
October 21 After Hours
October 29 "Australia Night" (cultural program)
November 11 After Hours
November 19 Friendsgiving
December 9 After Hours
January 13

After Hours
January 20 Tour of AU Cancer Center, Reception
February 3 After Hours
February 11 Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Affair
March 3 After Hours
April 15 Baseball Game & Picnic Buffet in NA
April 28 After Hours


Recurring Events

After Hours

Informal mingling at local pubs after work one Friday a month, with the club picking up the tab for appetizers

Special Interest Groups

A great way to meet new people and have fun

Trips Abroad

We've traveled to Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, Ireland, Paris and Panama. Where will we go next?