The Shaping of Education in the CSRA

Since its birth in 1735, Augusta has constantly been shaped into the city we see today. Among the many things to change was Augusta's educational system. Our purpose is to bring you the history of those changes through the eyes of ordinary citizens involved in the education system.

As we delve into this [(auto)-biographical, living memories and personal histories] narrative journey we also examine biographies and contributions of individuals, histories of places, people and events. We see education as part of a broader social system, one that has to do with schooling but also with changing views, perspectives and broadening lenses of the larger population. These viewpoints will vary in everything from race to gender as they explain how the Central Savannah River Area's education system changed right before their eyes.

The recordings of the interviews were done in the spring of 2016. A few individuals and institutions were identified as potential participants and contributors to the study, and thereon snowball sampling was adopted to identify more participants.

CSRA Oral History Short Film

Project Researchers/Directors

chevron-right icon Dr. Niki Christodoulou

Former Associate Professor, Augusta University (2014-2017)
Associate Professor, Frederick University

chevron-right icon Dr. Darla Linville

Associate Professor, Augusta University


chevron-right icon Dr. Molly Quinn

Former Professor, Augusta University (2014-2019)

Director, Curriculum Theory Project
Curriculum Theory Project | LSU School of Education
Advisor, Urban and Community Education Graduate Certificate
St. Bernard Chapter of the LSU Alumni Association Endowed Professorship