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Poppulo is our main email and newsletter platform. Find answers to commonly asked questions from our subaccounts and embedded communicators.

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How can I access different templates and options?

  1. Go to Account
  2. Enterprise
  3. Poppulo Library

Are my account templates specific to me?

No, every subaccount has the same templates available to them. If you want a specific template, please email John Jenkins to get this added to your account. 

Which account template has the most options available to me?

The Jagwire Weekly template has the most options available regarding layout.

What’s the difference between a newsletter and a flyer?

A flyer is a single-page email, while a newsletter has multiple pages.
Newsletter has more options regarding the overall layout of the email.
Flyer is more of an announcement (i.e. new leadership, new guidance, etc.)

Can I hyperlink an image?

Yes. Embed the photo in the body of the article, select the image and add a hyperlink to the URL you are wanting to reference. 
*Suggestion with two different links: Place image in body of text

What’s the difference between Saved Searches and Tags?

Saved searches are dynamic and are updated daily. If you have edits, please fill out a Communications & Marketing work request form.
Tags are static and have to be manually updated each time you use them.

How do I know if a certain person received my communication?

You will want to run the list and download the form which will be in Excel format. You can then browse the names of who received the communication.

How do I check who opened the communication?

You can click on your reports for the specific communication you want to track. Click on the opened by number, and it will run a list for you.
If you don’t see this option, please email John Jenkins to have this added to your subaccount. 

Do I have to constantly recreate the newsletter or flyer when I have more news to send?

No, you do not have to recreate the newsletter or flyer template. You are able to clone the newsletter or flyer; by cloning, you only have to edit the content that goes in. You can do this by hovering over the email you would like to clone and click on the paper icon. 

Is there a way to customize my template (i.e. change the colors, fonts, heading sizes, etc.)?

Yes. You can customize each template. When you are editing your email communication, under the ‘Create’ and ‘Send’ buttons, you will see a small paintbrush. If you click on the paintbrush, you will be taken to the design tab where you can alter the look and feel of your email communication. 

Can I use a flyer graphic as the email communication?

Yes. However, every email communication needs to be accessible. In the body of the email, you will need to repeat what the graphic says. You can also do this by adding in alt text for the graphic.