Smiling StudentWhat is the purpose of the collaborative program?

The primary purpose of the collaborative program between East Georgia State College and Augusta University is to accommodate students in Augusta and the surrounding area, who do not meet freshman admissions requirements at Augusta University, and provide them with an opportunity to earn an 30 credit hours while simultaneously preparing them for transfer into a bachelor’s degree program.


Who is eligible to attend?

All new freshman applicants not meeting Augusta University’s admission criteria will be considered for admission to EGSC. Students not eligible to attend EGSC will be referred to Augusta Technical College, when appropriate.


What is the program curriculum?

EGSC will provide learning support classes in Augusta, as well as classes to make up any Regents’ High School Curriculum deficiencies and core curriculum courses. Course offerings are based on student demand and faculty availability.


How is the program structured?

Students will work with their academic advisors to choose their courses. Students enroll through EGSC and generally take 12-15 credit hours per semester.

East Georgia State College students will also have opportunities to take classes at Augusta University as co-enrolled/transient students in areas like wellness activities, music ensembles, foreign languages, and military science.


What if I applied to Augusta University and did not meet the admissions criteria?

Augusta University Admissions will forward the names of first time in college student applicants who do not meet AU admissions criteria to EGSC. Students can sign a form provided by AU Admissions to have their official HS transcript and test scores released to EGSC admissions for consideration. Students will need to complete a separate, official application for admission to EGSC.


When do I become eligible for transfer from EGSC to Augusta University?

Following the completion of 30 credit hours in the program, those with a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.3 or higher can opt to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program at Augusta University. Capacity-limited Allied Health Science programs have additional admissions requirements that students should research, as applicable to their interests.

To prepare for the transfer process, students should attend information sessions hosted by EGSC and AU, email, and/or approach the EGSC at Augusta office for more information.


How do I apply to attend EGSC Augusta?

If you have applied to Augusta University but do not meet the university’s admissions requirements, you are invited to apply to East Georgia State College. You can contact the EGSC at Augusta office by email,, or phone at 706-729-2246 to receive more admissions information.


Do I have to pay tuition to EGSC and Augusta University?

Students will pay EGSC tuition and fees, which includes Augusta University’s mandatory and elective fees for amenities such as the University Wellness Center on campus, computer labs, campus meal plans, intramural sports, and more.


I live in Aiken or Edgefield counties. Will I receive a tuition waiver?

East Georgia State College is able to provide a waiver to access in state tuition rates for students who maintain domicile in Aiken or Edgefield County in South Carolina. That waiver can be accessed here.


Are there similar programs at other universities?

EGSC uses this same collaborative model to transition students on its Statesboro campus to Georgia Southern University.


How does the program promote the goals of Complete College Georgia?

EGSC and Augusta University are working together to promote the statewide Complete College Georgia goals, including providing students with a convenient and affordable access point and an opportunity to earn 30 credit hours while simultaneously preparing for transfer into a bachelor’s degree program.


I am currently enrolled in Augusta University as a University College student. Do I have to apply to EGSC?

No, currently enrolled University College students may complete their degree requirements at Augusta University.


What are the advantages of attending East Georgia State College Augusta?

  • Affordability – EGSC’s tuition is one of the lowest in Georgia.
  • Enhanced Resources - In addition to those offered through EGSC, you will have access to Augusta University’s student services.
  • Focused Learning Environment - Smaller class sizes, and individualized tutoring and advisement in EGSC’s Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).
  • Transferability – Successful completion of 30 hours enables a seamless transition to Augusta University or another four year institution.
  • Faculty and Staff Expertise – On-site faculty and staff are accessible to students and dedicated to your success.


Who will be the main contact for EGSC Augusta?

Mr. Nickolas L. Kelch is the Associate Vice President for External Campuses and the director of EGSC Augusta. He is the primary contact for students enrolled in the program, and he and his team at EGSC-Augusta are dedicated to educational access and student success. Students can contact the EGSC at Augusta office by calling 706-729-2246.