The Nuclear Medicine Technology Program strives to maintain a quality educational environment in order to accomplish the following outcomes:

·       Graduate NMT’s who are knowledgeable in the areas of nuclear physics, radiation safety, radiopharmacy, nuclear medicine instrumentation, and nuclear medicine procedures.

·       Graduate knowledgeable NMTs who are highly motivated to provide quality patient care.

·       Graduate NMT's who will operate in a safe and efficient manner in a nuclear medicine practice setting.

·       Graduate NMT’s who will be able to communicate effectively in nuclear medicine clinical and professional settings.

·       Advance the profession of nuclear and molecular medicine by educating resourceful and adaptable individuals capable of leadership in a changing health care environment.

·       Provide a stimulating atmosphere for students, faculty, and clinical staff.

·       Maintain a source of professionals who participate in bringing new knowledge to the clinical nuclear medicine environment through service, research, and continuing education.


The Nuclear Medicine Technology Program will:

  • Offer educational experiences which provide knowledge and technical skills to perform and evaluate patient needs for nuclear medicine practice and procedures.
  • Develop the capacity to participate in leadership roles in education, management, and patient care.
  • Promote the desire for learning and the development of new knowledge to respond to changing demands of the nuclear medicine profession.
  • Demonstrate professionalism in all areas of human interaction, thereby promoting quality patient care and cooperation with other health professionals.