Health and Behavioral Economics Laboratory


Economics of Vaccines and Immunization Policies, Programs, and Practices for Adults: Priority-setting for adult vaccines. 
Develops decision-making software for effective allocation of adult immunization funds. CDC, RFA#: SIP 14-028      

Other projects include the exploration of smoking and physical activity in under-served populations, a novel national Quitline Registry to help reduce tobacco use, and an examination of technical efficiencies in Turkish hospitals to improve the country’s health system through data-driven decisions and policies.


Heboyan, Vahé. "Estimating the Impact of 2010 Cigarette Tax on Cigarette Consumption in South Carolina."

Heboyan, Vahé and Vanoyan, Mayis. "Final Evaluation of the Armenia Small Scale Infrastructure Project (SSIP)." Evaluation report for the United States Agency for International Development, March 2012.

Kelly, J., V. Heboyan, B. Rasulnia, G. Urguahat. "Progress in Immunization Information Systems - United States, 2008." MMWR 2010; 59(05):133-135, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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