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Anaplastology is a branch of medicine focused on prosthetic rehabilitation. It creates realistic-appearing noses, eyes, ears, fingers, toes, and other parts of the body.

What is a prosthesis?

A prosthesis is a medical device that replaces or camouflages missing anatomy. They are typically made of acrylic or silicone tinted to match the patient's skin and customized using traditional sculpting techniques. Prostheses are usually removed daily for care and cleaning.

How does a prosthesis stay on?

Three retention methods are used to keep the prosthesis in place. The most common form, adhesive retention, is best suited for patients for whom additional surgery is not recommended. Bone-anchored retention (osseointegration) attaches the prosthesis to implants anchored in the bone and usually require two surgeries. Mechanical retention relies on another structure to keep the prosthesis in place, for example, eyeglasses, and is a good option for patients with limited manual dexterity or sight.

How long does it take to make a prosthesis?

Typically, four to eight visits with the anaplastologist are needed. The process takes about six weeks to complete. Additional visits are required for bone-anchored prostheses for surgical planning purposes.

Will my insurance cover the cost?

Insurance plans that offer Durable Medical Equipment coverage typically cover a percentage of the cost. Preauthorization is needed before work begins, and payment is required upon delivery of the prosthesis.

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