Thank you for your interest in the Doctorate in Physical Therapy Program at the Augusta University. We are committed to training our students to apply best practice standards across the domains of practice, education, and research. We will train you to be flexible, prepared, and responsive in a dynamic and ever-changing world of healthcare. You will be trained to embrace best practice standards in examination, diagnosis/classification, intervention, and outcome measurement.
The curriculum will provide you with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of physical therapy and evidence based practice. Our training will provide you a unique environment and allows you to experience and pursue a broad base of interests.
We are very excited to offer you the opportunity to join our vibrant community. By choosing to attend Augusta University, we are confident that you will be able to pursue your passion in a rich, intellectual, and academic environment. An Augusta University education affords you the opportunity to meet supportive mentors and excellent role models while engaging in exciting opportunities for professional growth and development. We are committed to helping you discover your passion.  
I hope you will consider the Augusta University for your physical therapy training!