Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective students have a wide variety of background questions. Some of the most frequently asked questions are outlined.


Who do I contact about unofficial transcript evaluations?

How do I find out the status of my application? What has been received? What is missing in my application? What do I do if I need to change one of my references?

How do I know if my course work completed at another school will transfer to Augusta University?

I know your application is online, when is your online application cycle?

Where do I send application components?

How should we track our shadowing hours?

I have been working diligently to meet the prerequisites to apply for the Masters of Physician Assistant degree. How can I find out what the prerequisites are?

How long is the Master of Physician Assistant Program?

What is the application date?

What "counts" in admission?

How many are usually interviewed?

Do you accept out of state residents?

What about my references?

Is the G.R.E. required?



What kind of GPA do I need to have?

I had to retake some of my science courses because I got D's the first time. Will this hurt my chances?

I didn't know what I wanted to do when I went to school ten years ago and got poor grades. After working for five years, I now know that I want to work as a physician assistant. I've gotten good grades since returning to school. Can you "forgive" my old grades?



Would it be to my advantage to take more science courses than the minimum required?

It's been more than ten years since I took some of my science courses. Will I have to retake them?

Do I have to complete all my prerequisites before I can be accepted?



Why do you want volunteer/work experience?

How much volunteer/work experience do you expect?

Can I count my work experience with PAs as PA shadowing?



If English is not my first language, do I need to present official TOEFL scores?



Can I go part-time to your program?

Will I be able to work while attending your program?



When will you let me know if I'm accepted?

What is an alternate list?



I already have a medical professions degree. Can I count any of my professional courses and exempt some of the PA curriculum courses?