Profession of Medical Illustration

Medical Illustrators are specially trained artists who communicate complex medical and scientific information and concepts in a meaningful, aesthetic and understandable manner. This fascinating and unique profession requires not only a talent for art but an affinity for science as well.

Contemporary medical illustrators produce a variety of creative visualization services for the healthcare industry. They may illustrate innovative surgical procedures for medical journals, design multimedia websites, produce 3D animated films of cellular processes, create interactive educational modules, or hand craft prosthetic appliances for patients. Many medical illustrators are employed by medical schools, urban medical centers, large hospitals, and specialty clinics. They may work in single-artist studios or in large production departments. Advertising agencies and publishers as well as pharmaceutical and medical product companies often use the services of private-practice medical illustrators. Attorneys may commission medical illustrators to produce art to be admitted as educational exhibits and demonstrative evidence in complex legal cases.

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Treatment of ED, Paul Kim-Class of 2011

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