Accessibility allows everyone, regardless of disability to:

Defining Accessibility

Accessibility is the quality of a device, service, or environment to be utilized by a wide range of people. By designing, implementing, and maintaining compliant resources, we make physical and digital accessibility a reality at Augusta University.

Defining Physical accessibility

Physical spaces are required to be accessible to everyone. 

Some common examples include:

  • Wheelchair accessible parking
  • Elevators
  • Signage indicating accessible facilities
  • Braille labels
  • Hearing Aids
  • Corridor spacing
  • Obstacle-free entrances

Defining Web accessibility

Digital Spaces also need to be able to be accessed by everyone, regardless of disability. 

Some general guidelines to help us maintain web accessibility include:

  • Using headings to create a navigable hierarchal structure, such as in an outline
  • Adding a unique and informative description to every image
  • Captioning all videos and transcripts
  • Maintaining color-contrast ratio standards

Augusta University strives for all of its facilities, websites, and campuses to be usable to all people regardless of disability or impairment.

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Why is accessibility important?


Accessibility benefits everyone. It affords persons with disabilities access to the same information, opportunities, and services as persons without a disability. Everyone has the right to have access to the same or equivalent information.




According to the US Department of Education:  

To be accessible, a person with a disability is able to obtain information as fully, equally and independently as a person without a disability. 

We strive to maintain AA Web Accessibility Compliance.

Failure to comply with accessibility standards is discriminatory and illegal as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Our Goal


At Augusta University, it is our goal that a person with a disability has access to content in an equally effective and equally integrated manner, with substantially equivalent ease of use

We continue work hard to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy and engage in our educational programs and opportunities. In fact, all of our web publishers are required to take an Accessibility Compliance training course.

Help us help you

 If you believe anything at Augusta University to be accessibility non-compliant, please bring it to our attention. 

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