African American Male Initiative


  • Any full-time or part time accepted freshmen who self-identify as male and African American
  • Continuing AAMI program participants from previous  cohorts currently enrolled at Augusta University

*Students may join AAMI at any time but will need to follow the program guidlines and program model. Students can enroll in LDRS 2000.

Academic Skills Enrichment: 

Provides supplemental literacy, writing, math and study-skill activities to help pre-college students transition to college academic life during the summer and assist enrolled AAMI participants with RPG (retention, progression, and graduation) throughout the academic year.

Student Support Services: 

Makes available internal and external resources, information and learning tools to enhance students’ academic and social successes.

Adult & Peer Mentoring: 

Connects AAMI students to adults and peers who encourage achievement, foster positive attitudes, as well as a sense of belonging through personal and academic support, while reinforcing RPG.

Leadership Development:

Provides multi-faceted professional and soft skills forums to help develop and strengthen participants’ leadership skills.

Key Activities for All Participants All Cohorts

Man Cave Mondays are a way for you to start the week with motivation and mentoring. Starting with AAMI program updates and announcements, each session will feature a special guest speaker from the campus or the community who will provide perspective and inspiration.


Follow Up Fridays will be held via Teams due to COVID-19.  During our face-to-face follow-ups, you will gather together and enjoy food and drinks while discussing their week and catching up with other members. This is not happening this semester due to COVID-19

Alternate Plan: Follow-Up Friday is focusing on Holistic Wellness, members of Student Counseling and Psychological Services and Student Wellness will be facilitating Follow-Up Friday. Each session will focus on 1 of the 8 dimensions of wellness. Student Counseling and Psychological Services along with Student Wellness will be hosting the Holistic Wellness Series.

This will also be an opportunity to let program administrators know what is going right, as well as how the program can better serve you.  Also, it will be a good time to make sure you document all the points you earned that week (by visiting your advisor, meeting with your mentor, completing a tutoring session, etc.).

  • Tuition scholarship – if program expectations are met and available funding
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Community building
  • Academic tutoring & study hall
  • Networking opportunities
  • Financial aid assistance
  • Connection to faculty, staff and community advocates
  • Black Male Summit participation
  • Leadership Certificate
  • Step 1: Sign up for the African American Male Initiative
  • Step 2 a: All students interested in participating in the Black Male Initiative Program must attend orientation on July 22nd.
  • Step 2 b: Be sure to let your advisor know that you've signed up to participate in the African American Male Initiative and visit our table during orientation. 
  • Step 3: Enroll in the Inquiry Class for AAMI (INQR 1000C-Thursday, Time- TBD) Fall Semester and Leadership Class (LDRS 2000) Spring Semester. (Contact Your Academic Advisor
  • Step 4: Attend the African Male Initiative Fall Retreat TBD. 
  • Step 5: Make sure that you have completed and submitted your FAFSA.
  • Step 6: Check your email and POUNCE account frequently for messages regarding registration, billing and immunization. 

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Jerry Oliver Jr. by emailing

 For the past 3 years AAMI Participants have had GPAs significantly higher than Non-AAMI AA Male Students at Augusta University

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Contact Us

  Summerville Campus (University Hall, 156)
2500 Walton Way 
Augusta, GA 30904
  706-225-8341 (Call or Text)


If individuals mail checks they should be addressed and mailed to the following:

Augusta University Foundation, Inc.

1120 15th Street, FI-1000

Augusta, GA  30912


In the “For” section of the check individuals should reference AAMI and or AUF#297005 so that the funds are deposited into the appropriate fund.