The Office of Innovation Commercialization (OIC) assists with confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs), data use agreements (DUAs), and material transfer agreements (MTAs).

  • CDAs – create a confidential relationship around sharing or exchanging patent information, a clinical trial protocol, or other sensitive information.  (Also known as non-disclosure agreements.)
  • DUAs – facilitate the exchange of data, especially personally identifiable information (PII) and limited data sets (LDS).
  • MTAs – foster the sharing of physical materials (e.g., cell lines, mouse models, other biologics)

If you need help putting a CDA, DUA, or MTA in place – or want to explore if you need to do so, we can help!

Just forward your need and information to the appropriate email address and our team will help you establish the agreement you need.  We draft, negotiate, and facilitate these efforts on behalf of AU faculty and staff.