Women's and Gender Studies students

The Augusta University Women’s and Gender Studies program was established in 1998. In addition to a thriving interdisciplinary minor, the program participates in a variety of co-curricular programming efforts on campus and in the community.

Women's and gender studies puts women at the center of study—their cultures, contributions, and perspectives. Women's and gender studies is defined by what is taught, how questions are asked and explored, and often, how the subject is taught. A common misconception is that women's and gender studies is just for women—it is not. It is a program of study for all genders—it is about women, but not solely for women.

What can I do with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies?


  • Teaching
  • Counseling
  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations
  • Museums
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Many more!



A minor in Women's and Gender Studies shows future employers that you have cultural competency education and are aware of how diversity actively shapes a work environment.

Interdisciplinary Courses

Our minor is, by nature, interdisciplinary and encourages connections among different academic departments:

Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

Track Sheet


Program Highlights

Biennial Symposium

Every two years, Augusta University hosts a Women's and Gender Studies Symposium. Planning for the 2021 symposium is underway.



Yell! is Augusta University's Women's and Gender Studies magazine, created by and for students. Inside our issues you will find student art, writing, and research created through a variety of social justice lenses.

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