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The interdisciplinary Women’s and Gender Studies Minor is designed for students who wish to study how gender, as it intersects with other identities, influences everyday life; special consideration is given to the study of women’s perspectives.

Women's and gender studies puts women at the center of study—their cultures, contributions, and perspectives. Women's and gender studies is defined by what is taught, how questions are asked and explored, and often, how the subject is taught. A common misconception is that women's and gender studies is just for women—it is not. It is a program of study for and about all genders.

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Women's and Gender Studies

Summerville Campus

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What can I do with a minor in WGST?

Students earning a degree with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies are eligible for careers in:



Human Resources

Public Relations


Legislative Assistant

Nonprofit Organizations

Victim Service Agencies


A minor in Women's and Gender Studies shows future employers that you have cultural competency education and are aware of how diversity actively shapes a work environment.

Interdisciplinary Courses

Our minor is, by nature, interdisciplinary and encourages connections among different academic departments:

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