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Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology enables students to learn sociological concepts and theories that help them analyze and understand basic social structures and relations between people, groups, organizations and societies.

Students will practice critical thinking and communication skills that prepare them for graduate study and a wide range of careers.  

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What can I do with a Sociology major?

You can apply all the skills you acquire while earning your sociology degree in a variety of fields. A recent study by the American Sociological Association showed that the largest number of sociology graduates were working in social services or as counselors.

We also find that many of our sociology graduates at Augusta University have careers where they are helping others. One of our recent graduates is working as a youth development coordinator at a domestic violence shelter while another graduate is loving her job helping those just released from prison obtain jobs that help keep them out of prison. Other graduates are working as a volunteer services manager for a hospice organization and addiction counselors. Another has started her own nonprofit organization to help those with Lupus. 

Other graduates go onto graduate school and we have a number who are professors across the U.S., while others have gone into the clergy. The possibilities are endless.

Graduation Requirements

Sociology and Criminal Justice Students must complete Exit Exams; All majors must complete exit survey in term they graduate.

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