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What We Offer

Augusta University offers several options for Criminal Justice students:

  • Bachelor of Arts degree [MORE...]
  • Accelerated BA to MPA: option for a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and a Master of Public Administration in 5 years [MORE...]
  • Associates of Applied Science degree [MORE...]
  • Minor [MORE...]


What can I do with a Criminal Justice major?

A bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice provides the opportunity to pursue numerous careers in various areas, including corrections, outreach, casework, administration, surveillance, reentry, probation, counseling, patrolling, research, prevention, parole, security, advocacy, forensics, law, teaching, juvenile justice, program development, prevention services, investigations, loss prevention and advocacy.

Examples of potential employers include law enforcement offices, courts, Homeland Security, corporations, nonprofit organizations, schools, law firms, and medical centers.

Our Faculty

We have a diverse group of full-time faculty members who are researchers and adjunct faculty with experience in the field.

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Graduation Requirements

Sociology and Criminal Justice Students must complete Exit Exams; All majors must complete exit survey in term they graduate.

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