The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program has strong commitments to bettering its local community and facilitating its students and resources as assets for local businesses, government, and non-profits.

Part of how the MPA program achieves this goal is through our Town and Gown efforts, including but not limited to: community collaborative class projects, events held every semester for the community, and applied research projects for community partners. Please review the material on this page to learn more about our Town and Gown work. If you would like more information or would like to partner with our MPA on a project, please contact Dr. Wesley Meares.


Community Projects

E-Governance Training and Security

Augusta University’s MPA program is dedicated to providing innovative training to nonprofits and public agencies in the state of Georgia. As part of this effort, and through a generous grant from Augusta University Cyber Institute, the MPA program has developed an online training program focusing on e-government and security training. The program is provided through the Instructure Canvas learning management system.  The modules provide an overview of e-government, social media for public agencies, and cybersecurity. 


Student Projects for the Community

The Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program at Augusta University is a 20-year old program that has retained Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration or NASPAA accreditation since 2007.   In order to ensure we maintain this prestigious accreditation, we engage in program monitoring through self-study. This year's student projects have been conducted for the MPA program, to facilitate such self studies.

At the request of the South Carolina Emergency Management Department, students in the Augusta University Master of Public Administration program completed a template to help counties develop continuity of operations plans (COOPs). Such planning helps local governments maintain basic services during times of crisis.

PADM6750 COOP Template for South Carolina Counties

Executive Summary Excerpt: "While Aiken County does have an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and remains prepared for and aware of any emergency events, there is a continuous threat of possible operations’ failure due to one of these emergencies. Therefore, it is imperative that the county have a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) in addition to the EOP. At the request of the director of the Aiken County Emergency Management Department, the Program Evaluation class in Augusta University’s Master of Public Administration program has created the following non-technical COOP for Aiken County’s Information Technology (IT) department. This COOP will ensure the IT department’s ability to perform its essential functions if a human-made or natural disaster strikes the county. This COOP will help the IT department not only continue to operate its essential functions during the event but also recover and restore its normal operations following the disaster."

PADM 6750 COOP Aiken County Emergency Management - Information Technology Department

This report provides the results of a comprehensive program evaluation for Augusta University’s Inquiry 1000 Program. Data used for this assessment came from scholarly research, stakeholder interviews, a survey of students currently enrolled in INQR 1000, and a focus group conducted with current INQR 1000 faculty instructors.


Executive Summary Excerpt: "This report provides the results of an analysis for employment trends in the Augusta Metro Area in public administration careers as well as recommendations for improving the Augusta University Master of Public Administration's marketing and branding strategies.  Data used for this project came mainly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Georgia Department of Labor, and a survey targeting Augusta University MPA Alumni."

PADM 6750 Job Market Analysis and Alumni Survey

Executive Summary Excerpt: "The 2016 employer survey was administered via web survey to over 600 employers in the Augusta metro area...". The survey "...sought to asses the employers' familiarity with the MPA degree and MPA graduates' their understand of the the most important..." knowledge, skills, and ability's (KSAs) "...for MPA graduates and public managers; and finally, their opinion of and interest in the MPA program here at Augusta University."

View PADM 6750 Employer Survey Report

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