Diverse group of business professionalsEarn a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Intelligence and Security Studies in five years! 

The Bachelor of Arts to Master of Arts in Intelligence and Security Studies advance degree program allows students to enter the master's program as an undergraduate. 

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Important Information

The BA-MAISS is a dual enrollment program. As a dual enrollment program, students follow the plan below.


1st Year - Undergraduate Student

2nd Year- Undergraduate Student

3rd Year- Undergraduate Student

4th Year- Undergraduate Student (undergraduate & graduate courses)

Graduate with a BA Degree

5th Year Graduate Student

BA-MAISS students need to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid directly to discuss if/how dual degree enrollment may impact your financial aid or at any time if you have any questions about your financial aid awards.

It is the responsibility of the student interested in applying to the BA-MAISS program to consult with the Office of Student Financial Aid to determine any potential ramifications on their financial aid during dual degree enrollment (taking graduate and undergraduate courses during the same semester) and during the change from undergraduate to graduate standing.

Other Considerations

Some financial aid funds apply to undergraduate level courses only. For semesters when a student has a mixture of undergraduate and graduate level courses, an award will be calculated for the undergraduate level courses only.

Federal Loans: A student who is classified as an undergraduate student must be enrolled in 6 hours of undergraduate level courses to be eligible for federal loans. A graduate level student must be enrolled in 5 hours of graduate level courses to be eligible for federal loans.

HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship can pay for graduate level courses as long as the student record is classified as undergraduate and the student has not reached the maximum 127 hours or reached maximum number of years of eligibility.

Pell Grant can only pay for undergraduate level courses.

If the student record is showing the student as graduated and now in a graduate level program then neither HOPE/Zell nor Pell Grant can be awarded.