Students and faculty alike enjoy creating and hosting podcast productions.

If you want to learn podcasting, be sure to take COMM 2000 with Rachel Balducci and COMM 4950C (Fundamentals of Audio Production) with Drew Dawson.

If you are interested in creating your own podcast, Augusta University offers equipment and facilities to students.

Recent Communication Podcast Series

photo of The Sports Squad

The Sports Squad

  • Students create interviews and sports podcasts for a Bell Ringer Media podcast. Many of them study with Dr. David Bulla’s in his COMM 4340 Sports Communication course.
photo of Think on This

Think on This

  • Beloved communication faculty Dr. William Bryant goes on a quest to sit down with interesting people and go deep into their life experience.
photo of Spill the Tea

Spill the Tea

  • Author and TV host Rachel Balducci works with her COMM 2000 classes to create student podcasts
photo of My Professor Has a Life?

My Professor Has a Life?

  • Students with The Bell Ringer catch various professors and pry out secrets of their off-campus life.
photo of The Research Report

The Research Report

  • Dr. David Bulla gives summaries and reports on recent research projects from the Communication Department
photo of The Gamer Guild

The Gamer Guild

  • Welcome to the Gamer Guild! We talk about what's happening in the gaming industry, where we've been as gamers, where we're going, and most importantly, we'll share our appreciation for these beautiful works of art we love.
photo of In The Wild

In The Wild

  • In the Wild, Augusta University’s official podcast, is a weekly podcast hosted by AU Communication alumni Raysean Ricks. He catches you up with university news, events and breaks down what life is really like for a college student. Join in on these conversations as he catches you up with everything happening ‘in the wild.’
photo of Rifts and Revelations

Rifts and Revelations

  • Join the hilariously curious Dean Gossett Jr as he interviews knowledgeable guests and they tackle subjects from theater to politics.

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