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Philip Stanley

Brightworx Media

Philip Stanley '13

"The Communication Department will always be one of the greatest influences in my work. I still have great friendships with many of my fellow students and the advice and counsel of my professors helped me gain the confidence I needed to start my own business, and for that I'll always be grateful." 


Letitia Cropps

Development Special Events Coordinator,
Salvation Army, Augusta

Leticia J. Cropps '15

"As a former student and graduate of Augusta University, I know that I was provided the tools needed to be a successful professional. I would advise any student choosing a Communication major to take advantage of the resources available and listen closely to your professors."


Erica Wright

Community Outreach Coordinator,
Parkinson Association of the Rockies, Denver

Erica Wright '13

"My communication mock campaigns class was a turning point for me in deciding what I wanted to do after college. Things clicked for me during that class while working with a group on a mock community outreach campaign, 'Clean Up the Block with RJ Croc,' for the Salvation Army. I knew after that project that I wanted to work for nonprofits who are helping better a community, and I knew I was learning the skills to be a part of it." 


Jefferson Whit Morgan

Lead Client Services Manager,
The Augusta Chronicle

Jefferson Whit Morgan '14

"My time in the AU Communication Department was fast paced and engaging. To any who are going through the communications track, read as much as you can, write more, and speak often."


Cynthia Otero

Web Developer,
Augusta University

Cynthia Beard '14

"My experience with the Communication Department was great. All the professors are very passionate about what they do and all of them bring their own expertise to the classroom and to the students. They pushed us to work hard and I feel that shows in where my career has taken me today." 


Geraldin Lopez

Marketing Manager,
Hull Property Group

Geraldin Lopez '16

"I have to say that if it wasn't for the professors and faculty that make up the Communication Department, I wouldn't be here today. I was a non-traditional student, married, with a daughter and a full-time job. They were supportive and gave me the tools I needed to have a successful college career. The one-on-one attention and guidance was amazing." 


Justin Epps

Pastor to Students,
Woodlawn Baptist Church

Justin Epps '14

"Because so much of my work involves public speaking and coordinating leaders, my studies in Communication at AU proved invaluable. The theory and skills used to complete class projects almost directly transferred into my current work environment. I believe my message is important—the Communication Department at Augusta University taught me how to communicate it well."


Arielle J. Taylor

HR Advisor,
Randstad Professionals at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Tampa

Arielle J. Taylor '14

"The Communication Department at AU was extremely helpful in preparing me for the work I've done thus far. My concentration was in PR, and I had the opportunity to gain experience with real clients from my classes." 


Bethany Marshall

Events Coordinator,
Westobou Festival

Bethany Marshall '14

"Of my classes, Public Speaking helped most. I speak to people, groups, and classes about artwork and interview often with local news. I also learned the importance of making connections leading to my job at Westobou. Communication is key to success in any job/career." 


Jamie Lowe

Interim Chief Travel Editor,
Morris Media Network

Jamie Jackson '15

"If it hadn't been for a mandatory mock interview with Melissa Hall Hudson, [the Communication] career advisor, I wouldn't have gotten the job I have today. The mock interview helped me prep my resume, interview attire and practice questions: all directly applicable to my initial interview for my [first] job." 


Tim Johnson

Senior Video Producer,
Division of Communications & Marketing, Augusta University

Tim Johnson '85

"I really enjoyed my time as a student here at AU (Augusta College at the time). I had really good teachers in television production and film. If you were open-minded, listened to what the teachers had to say and took initiative, then you came out of the program prepared for a career." 


Stacie McBride

Account Coordinator,

Stacie McBride '16

"The Communication Department offers many facets that I took advantage of and shaped what I saw myself doing after graduation. I liked that I could form my schedule around what I thought would benefit me most. The Agency also had a large roll in forming me with the projects that I delivered." 


Jourdain Searles

Screenwriter and Author,
New York, NY

Jourdain Searles '14

"My time in the Department of Communication at Augusta University helped me realize that writing for and about cinema/TV was my passion. Professor Buzzell was a tremendous force of guidance for me." 


Madison Navarro

Community Events Coordinator,
City of Sugar Hill

Madison Navarro '15

"I think the Communication Department prepared me to work in a collaborative setting. I also enjoyed getting to try different flavors of communication - print production, intercultural communication, and TV production."


Karleigh King

Event Coordinator & Transfer Counselor,
Augusta University

Karleigh King '13

"Without a doubt, the best aspect of the Communication Department is the faculty. Professors like Dr. Pamela Hayward and Doug Joiner are so incredibly passionate and dedicated to their students’ success; it’s remarkable."