Calling all aspiring animators!  Have you ever dreamed of bringing your own characters to life?  

This summer,  Augusta University's Animation Camp is your chance to turn your ideas into action!  Spend a week learning the secrets of animation from fun and experienced instructors. Creative high school students that enjoy video games, movies and creating their own stories will have the opportunity to plan out a simple story, create a set with props, animate a character, and create a finished video that will premiere on the final day of the camp. 

AS OF JUNE 27, 2024

The Summer Camps are fully booked for this Summer 2024, but we'll have more offerings in the Summer of 2025.  If you have a student interested in learning more about our Aniamtion program at Augusta Unviersity, they can also take a Friday Animation tour.  Tours can be booked using the Book Tour button below.


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There are TWO sessions of the AU Animation summer camp on the Augusta University Summerville Campus.

Students can participate in both sessions - but you must register and pay for each camp separately. To take advantage of the Early Bird Registration price the registration deadlines are:

Monday, June 10th - Friday, June 14th 1-5 PM

Early Bird Registration - May 19th
Registration Deadline - June 2nd


Monday, July 15th - Friday, July 19th 1-5 PM

Early Bird Registration - June 9th
Registration Deadline - June 30th

Camp begins at 1 PM and ends at 5 PM each day. Students are expected to have eaten lunch upon drop-off. The final day at 4 PM, parents and family members are invited to attend the Project Showcase, where each students' film will be shown. 


$180 Early Bird Camp Registration Fee
$200 Registration Fee

What to Expect

This is intended for beginners - imaginative students who don't know where to start.  Most creative high school students are doodling designs on paper or their iPad, but have never tried animating a character.  This is intended to be a fun and safe environment for students to try out the 3D programs without worrying about making mistakes.  It's all about learning and trying out new tools in the creative process!

Animation can be a very long process, but this camp is streamlined to keep things simple and fun!  We'll have experienced animators in the room at all times to help and answer any questions.

animation student working

Detailed Schedule

  • Monday - An introduction to the creative process for Animation in videogames and movies.  Students will be introduced to the project.  They'll draw designs on paper or their iPad.  Students will pick a character and design their character's costume and the set.  They'll also create a quick comic-book version of their story, called a storyboard.
  • Tuesday - Students will decorate their set and customize their character's costume.  Using a 3D program, students will set up cameras to help tell their story. 
  • Wednesday - Students will learn how to animate a simple character using keyframes.  Animating is all about bringing a character to life - you can make the character run, jump, emote, or do something funny!
  • Thursday - Students will add lights and learn how to render.  There's nothing quite like seeing your project come to life!
  • Friday - Students will take their film and add a title, simple transitions, and add some sound effects and music!  Then, students will export their video and show it off at the Project Showcase!

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