The research section of the psychiatry department continues to expand the collaborations within the State of Georgia:

■ Gateway: Brunswick

■ AmericanWork, Inc.: Augusta, Savannah, Albany, Columbus, and Taccoa

■ Highland Rivers Centers: Dalton and Rome

Serenity Behavioral Health Systems

■ East Central Regional Hospital

■ Homeless Shelters: Garden City Rescue Mission, Augusta Salvation Army, Augusta Rescue Mission, Mercy Ministries, and Head of the Giant Ministry

The Department has multiple competitively funded projects in the area of psychotic disorders:

Dr. McCall

W. Vaughn McCall, MD, Chair, Department of Psychiatry & Health Behavior
     Treatment of depression
     Insomnia: causes and treatments
     Therapeutic brain stimulation: ECT and TMS



Dr. RosenquistPeter B. Rosenquist, Vice-Chair, Department of Psychiatry & Health Behavior
    Therapeutic brain stimulation: Electroconvulsive therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and vagus nerve stimulation
     Autonomic dysregulation in psychiatric disorders including heart rate variability and pupilometry
    Treatment of mood disorders
    Insomina: causes and treatments


Dr. HouseAmy House, PhD
Psychological flexibility as it relates to change processes in psychotherapy; Predictors of change in DBT skills group participants; Predictors of change in ACT group participants




Dr. McCall


Brian Miller, MD, PhD, MPH
     Immunologic dysfunction in schizophrenia, including inflammation and cytokines
     Infections in acute psychosis
     Clinical trials of adjunctive immunotherapy in schizophrenia
     Insomnia and suicidal ideation in schizophrenia



Dr. McEvoyJoseph McEvoy, MD
     Biology and treatment of severe mental illness (SMI)
     Severe mental illness (e.g. schizophrenia, biopolar disorder)
     Pharmacological treatment of SMI
     General health maintenance among patients with SMI





Dr. PillaiAnilkumar Pillai, MD
     Neurotrophins in schizophrenia
     BDNF signaling in depression
     Gender differences in autism spectrum disorder
     Maternal stress and neurodevelopmental disorders




Dr. SteplemanLara M. Stepleman, PhD., Professor; Co-Director of the Educational Innovation Institute
     Health disparities in marginalized populations including LGBTQ, HIV-positive, and African American individuals, especially women
     Quality of life for individuals and their care partners affected by one or more chronic medical illness (HIV and Multiple Sclerosis, in particular)
     Interprofessional health professions training in sexual health across the learner continuum
     Integrated behavioral health services



Dr. YoussefNagy Youssef, MD
Primary disorders/areas studied:
     Mood disorders (including major depressive disorders, bipolar disorders and suicide prevention)
     Trauma, PTSD, and resilience against trauma and psychopathology
Primary treatment modalities or tools for mechanistic understanding of pathophysiology:
     Brain stimulation modalities, especially ECT and novel forms of seizure therapy
     Genomics including epigenetics