Q: I heard that the consortium is dissolving. What’s up with that?

A: We are in the midst of an amicable split between the Augusta University-Medical College of Georgia (AU-MCG) and Charlie Norwood Veterans Affairs Medical Center (CNVAMC) aspects of the consortium. We remain a consortium at this time, but clinical work is separated based on which track an intern is on. The HIV & LGBTQ Health Disparities, Child & Family, Forensic, and AU Clinic Health tracks will complete all of their training at AU-MCG sites (including East Central Regional Hospital and the AU Student Counseling and Psychological Services center). The Clinical Health, Behavioral Medicine, and Rehabilitation Medicine; Veteran’s Healthcare Disparities with Emphasis in Women’s Health; and Trauma Psychology tracks will completed all of their training at the CNVAMC. We are fully APA-accredited as a consortium and are committed to remaining so until each site is able to pursue independent accreditation.

Q: Can I apply to tracks at AU-MCG and CNVAMC?

A: Yes! We will fully consider your application to tracks across sites. Of the 7 tracks in the consortium, we ask that you apply to no more than 3 total. This helps us understand which tracks you are genuinely interested in so that we can tailor your interview(s) to those tracks. If you apply to one or more tracks across sites, your application will be reviewed separately by each site. You will also interview separately for each site. This means that you could have two interviews (one at each site) or only be invited to interview at one site.

Q: This website seems to mostly be about the AU-MCG tracks. Where can I find information about the CNVAMC tracks?

A: For more details on the Charlie Norwood VAMC positions, see here: https://www.va.gov/augusta-health-care/work-with-us/internships-and-fellowships/psychology-training-programs/

Q: I have read through your online materials and still have some questions. How can I get more information?

A: For AU-MCG tracks you should e-mail Dr. Christopher Drescher at cdrescher@augusta.edu. For CNVAMC tracks you should e-mail Dr. Katrina Speed at Katrina.Speed@va.gov.

Q: Do you require any supplemental materials as part of your application process?

A: We require one de-identified, integrated assessment report.

Q: When are applications due?

A: November 1st of each year.

Q: How much is the salary?

A: $33,469

Q: Will there be an open house?

A: Given our surveying of applicants in previous years and a desire to ensure that there is equity in the application process, we will not be holding an open house. However, if you elect to come to the area for a visit and would like a tour of AU or to meet with a specific faculty member, please reach out to Dr. Drescher and he would be glad to arrange this for you.

Q: I didn’t get to meet with a faculty member that I was hoping to. Is there an option for an additional interview?

A: Absolutely! We want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision for the next step of your career. Please reach out to Dr. Drescher or the faculty member directly to facilitate this.

Q: Are there options for post-doc or employment?

AU-MCG has several options for post-doctoral training experiences that include fellowships in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology, DBT/ACT/Psychology of Women, and Forensic Psychology, (more information here: https://www.augusta.edu/mcg/psychiatry/fellowship_training/american_psychological_assoc_training/index.php) and Psycho-Oncology (more information here: https://www.appic.org/Postdocs/Universal-Psychology-Postdoctoral-Directory-UPPD/Detail/id/4500). Many of our current faculty trained at AU-MCG for internship and/or fellowship.

Q: I’ve read through all of your materials and I am still trying to decide if I should apply. What should I do?

A: Please apply. We have been in the business of training psychology interns since 1982. Our core values as an internship are fostering professional excellence, developing cultural humility, and supporting personal growth. We would love to work with you!