The MCG-Charlie Norwood VAMC Internship will make use of the following evaluation components in order to monitor the progress and efforts of the Interns in their respective research activities:

Performance Evaluation.  It is required that the Overall Supervisor and Intern have a formal discussion of the Intern's progress on the chosen research project every four months.  The Overall Supervisor will make a report every four months to the Internship Core Committee regarding progress on the research-scholarly project. The Internship Core Committee reviews each report of research-scholarly project progress.  If significant problems are noted, the committee decides if corrective actions are to be instituted.  The committee can institute a four-month probationary period if indicated, and this period can be extended.  All reports and actions taken by the commit­tee are incorporated into the file kept on each Intern.

End of the Year Evaluation.   At the end of May, the intern submits the paper for the research-scholarly project for review by two internship faculty/supervisors and based on their reviews the Training Director will complete the Evaluation of the Intern Research Paper form.   At the conclusion of the year, the Internship Core Committee meets with the Intern to review his/her ratings, discuss his or her ­performance, and make specific recommendations regarding post-internship professional development.  Completion of this Intern research-scholarly project will be included in this end of the year evaluation using the Intern Performance Milestones Tracking form.


End of August: A written proposal of the research project is submitted to the Overall Supervisor, Research Director, and to the Training Director.

October End of 1st Quarter review: The Core Committee will review the progress of the research project.

January MidYear Evaluation: The Core Committee will review the progress of the research project and the Overall Supervisor will check off on Intern Performance Milestones Tracking form whether or not the intern is making sufficient progress on his/her research project.

April Core Committee Meeting: The Core Committee will review the progress of the research project.

May 31st: The written product of the research project is due.