The Internship continually seeks to improve the training program curriculum and faculty performance.  Every four months interns are required to complete the Rotation/Track Evaluation Form.  This formal evaluation procedure provides feedback to the rotation and track supervisors regarding the overall quality of the training experience for the rotation or track as well as Intern recommendations regarding how the training experience might be further enhanced.   At the midyear point and at the end of the training year, Interns are required to submit written and oral feedback reports concerning the quality of their training. The written and oral feedback reports are submitted in a full faculty meeting and copies of their written feedback are provided to all Faculty present and not present. The content and format of the Interns’ written and verbal feedback is at the discretion of the Intern class. At the end of each 4-month rotation, the Interns complete evaluations of their supervising faculty using the Trainee Evaluation of Core Faculty form on One45.  This faculty performance information provides proximal data pertinent to faculty performance but also data relevant to the overall effectiveness of the training program.  At the midyear point, the Internship Training Director and the VAMC Training Director meet with the intern class to obtain their narrative evaluations of individual faculty performance. These individual faculty narrative performance data are analyzed annually for program review as well as faculty performance feedback. Evaluation data is used to evaluate faculty performance, for annual job reviews and for departmental excellence in education awards. Faculty receive this information and are expected to use it as a basis for improvement if needed. The results of the individual faculty performance are also provided to the Faculty’s respective Administrative Service Chief.