August 2022
11 Vanessa Spearman, MD Medical College of Georgia Topic: Skeletons in the Closet: An Examination of Racism in Medicine
18 Michael Weaver University of Texas Topic: Treatment of Tobacco Use Disorder
25 W. Vaughn McCall, MD., MS Medical College of Georgia Topic: Normal Sleep
September 2022
8 Ram Bishnoi, MD Medical College of Georgia Topic: An Overview of Emotion-Cognition Interaction in Alzheimer's Disease
15 Lisa Merlo, Ph.D. University of Florida Topic: SUD Among Healthcare Professionals
22 Nadine Kaslow, MD Emory University Topic: The NIA Project
29 Jeremy Gay, Psy.D. Medical College of Georgia Topic: The Use and Misuse of Protective Factors in Violence Risk Assessment
October 2022
13 Barbara Rothbaum, Ph.D. Emory University Topic: Innovations in the Treatment of PTSD
20 Caitlin Martin, MD Virginia Commonwealth University Topic: Opioid use disorder in pregnancy and postpartum women
27 Aida Jimenez Torres University of Puerto Rico Topic: Emotion-Focused Therapy and Experiential Strategies to Create Psychotherapeutic Change
November 2022
10 Daniel Shaw, MD Village Collaboration Station Topic: Childhood Adversity Lasts a Lifetime
17 James McKowen Harvard University Topic: Substance Abusing Youths
24 No Grand Rounds Thanksgiving Holiday
December 2022
8 John Kelly, Ph.D. Harvard University Topic: Detoxification and Stabilization to remission and recovery

15 Erin Calipari, Ph.D. Vanderbilt University Topic: A new framework for how dopamine release drives motivated behavior and what this means for our understanding of psychiatric disease
22 No Grand Rounds Happy Holidays
January 2023
12 Jose Parra-Cardonna, Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin Topic: Culturally adapting prevention parenting interventions for Latino/a families: Integrating Science, Culture, and Social Justice
19 Hayden Mbroh, PhD. and Aysha Najab USC Behavioral Health, Dallas Topic: Prejudice in Patient Care
26 Peter Ash, MD Emory University Topic: Psychiatry and the Law
February 2023
9 Joseph Seale, M.D. Medical College of Georgia Topic: 
16 Marisa Roberto, Ph.D. Scripps Topic: Neurobiology of Chronic Alcohol Use
23 Ruth Benca, MD, Ph.D. Wake Forest University Topic: What can we learn from the sleeping brain?
March 2023
9 Matthew Kridel, Ph.D. Medical College of Georgia Topic: Psychological Approaches to Functional Neurological Symptoms
16 Funmilaya Rachal, MD Atlanta Psych Consult Center Topic: Compulsive Sexual Behavior: Risks to the Professional in Healthcare Settings
23 Ian Rockett, Ph.D. West Virginia University Topic: Genesis, Burden, and Contextual Correlates of Self-Injury Mortality
30 Christina Bancroft, Ph.D. Medical College of Georgia Topic: Pediatric Integrated Healthcare
April 2023
13 Michael Vitacco, Ph.D. Medical College of Georgia Topic: Irreparably Corrupt and Incorrigible: Developmental Maturity, The Law, and Public
20 Lelan Byrd, MD Medical College of Georgia Topic: TBD
27 Rosaura Orengo, Ph.D. Medical University of South Carolina Topic: Culturally-informed Trauma-focused Care
May 2023
11 Rebecca Woo, MD Emory University Topic: Maternal Mental Health in Georgia and why it should matter to you
18 Marlene Martin, MD UCSF Hospital Based Addiction Care
25 Ryan Flinn, Ph.D. Medical College of Georgia Topic: Dismantling exclusionary practices in Academic Psychiatry: Supporting justice-involved faculty and trainees