12                 Sarra Nazeem, PhD VAMC Insomnia and Suicide Prevention
19 Marc Ptenza, MD Yale University Behavioral and Substance Addictions in the Time of COVID-19
26  Jeremy Hertza, PhD Medical College of Georgia The Effects of Mild TBI


9 Gretchen Brenes, MD Wakeforest University A Randomized Preference Trial of CBT and Yoga for Late Life
16 J. Richard Monroe, PhD    VAMC                                          Trauma and Addiction
23 Neha Jain, MD, FAPA University of Conn.

Telepsychiatry, lessons learned from the pandemic and future directions        
password for Grand Rounds video: six00P

30                           Lauren Bigham, PhD              Medical College of Georgia                        Brief and Strategic Inpatient Psychotherapy: Lessons Learned in the Context of Cancer Care


14 Marcel D'Eon Medical College of Georgia Medical Student Mental Health
21 James Kimmel, Jr., JD Yale University Vengeance Addiction
28                                  April Hartman, MD                             Medical College of Georgia                                               MCG Models for Integrative Care                                                                                                                                                                                     


11                          Mithilesh Siddu, MD                 Medical College of Georgia                                       Antidepressants and Strokes                                                                                                                                                                                                     
18                                Normal Miller, MD                                Health Advocates                                                                    Amphetamines: Attention or Inattention
23 No Grand Rounds: Thanksgiving


9 Cassandra Groth, PhD                                       Medical College of Georgia/East Central Regional Hospital Competency to Stand Trial Restoration and Multidisciplinary Teamwork                                                                                                                 
16 Ken Lee, MD   Microdosing of Suboxone
23 No Grand Rounds: Happy Holidays


13 Erin Dexter, MD                   Medical College of Georgia                 Balancing Rights and Risks                                                                                        
20 Madhukar Travedi, MD UT Southwestern Bupropion and Naltrexone in Methamphetamine Use Disorder
27 Peter Rosenquist, MD Medical College of Georgia The Use of Electroconvulsive Therapy for Conditions Other than Major Depression


10 Robert Morgan, MD                                    Texas Tech                                   Treatment of Justice Involved Persons with Mental Illness                                                                                                                       
17 Marshall Bedder, MD                    Medical College of Georgia                                   The Role of Addiction Medicine in Improved Mental Health Outcomes in Post-Surgical Patients
24 Robert Klitzman, MD                          Columbia University                                                             Doctor, Would you Pray for Me?: What Patients Can Teach Us About Religion, Spirituality, and Health        


10 Candace Best, PhD Medical College of Georgia  
17 Elie Anoun, MD Columbia University Addiction in the Legal System                                                                                      
24              Michael Gottlieb, PhD UT Southwestern                                 Ethical Decision Making                                                                            


14           No Grand Rounds - Cancelled
21 Albert Arias, MD Virginia Commonwealth University Precision Treatment of Alcoholism
28 Tracy Casanova, PhD Medical College of Georgia Trauma Informed Care                                                                                 


12 Gregory Strauss, MD University of Georgia Digital Phenotyping and Negative Symptoms
19 William Levitt, MD        VAMC                                                        
26        Katie Davis Medical College of Georgia      Obesity Medical Education Collaboratives