August 2019        
  8 Dale Peeples, MD Medical College of Georgia  
  22 Rebecca Woo, MD Medical College of Georgia Treatment of Depression in Perinatal Women


September 2019        
  12 Jayesh Kamath, MD, PhD University of Conn                            Use of mHealth Technology to Diagnose Depression
  26 Michael McDermott University of LA Emotion Regulation in Psychological and Physical Health


October 2019        
                             10 Ashley Batastini, PhD University of S. Miss                     Social Media in Forensics                                                   
  24 Dolores Malaspina Mt. Sinai Schizophreniza


November 2019        
  14  Lara Stepleman, PhD
Chris Drescher, PhD      
Medical College of Georgia                Overview of LGBT Health Needs Assessment                          
  21 Steve Szabo, PhD, MD Duke University Ketamine in Treatment Resistant Depression


December 2019        
                                  12         Sebastian G. Kaplan, PhD            Wake Forest University                                    Motivational Interviewing                                                                                   
  26 No Grand Rounds    


January 2020        
   9  Lindsey Cohen, PhD      Georgia State University            

Psychology in the Treatment of Pain                            

  23  Lenares Saloman, PhD  Medical College of Georgia  Human Trafficking


February 2020        
  13   Satish Rao, MD            Medical College of Georgia    Brain Fogginess, SIBO and Metabolic Acidosis
  27  Amy House, PhD  Medical College of Georgia Suicide Prevention and Intervention: An Update 


March 2020        
                                         12  Emile Risby, MD                                         DBHDD                                                                   Violence Risk Assessment. What your risk manager wants you to know.              
  26  W. Vaughn McCall, MD  Medical College of Georgia  


April 2020        
   9  No Grand Rounds    
  23  Simon Sebastian, MD  Medical College of Georgia  Update on Panic Disorder                               


May 2020            
                21      Alex Mabe, PhD                 Medical College of Georgia          Understanding and Treating Child Anger Problems
  28   William S. Jacobs, MD Florida PRN                               Impaired Physicians Health Programs