EC 1204                                        9                                        Cole Phillips, BS
Tasha Wyatt, Ph.D                                                           
MCG                                                                   The Assets Students Bring to the Medical Field: Beyond Test Scores and GPAs
EC 1204 23 Michael Vittaco, Ph.D MCG Psychopathy with Reflections on the Mask of Sanity

EC 1204                                                                       13                                                                   Yifrah Kaminer, M.D., MBA                                                                                              U Conn                                                                                                           Youth Substance Use Disorders with Co-occurring Depression: The Nature of the Association and Implications for Treatment
EC 1204 27 Lindsey West, Ph.D MCG Incorporating Contextual, Sociopolitical, and Culture-Based Cues in Mindfulness and Acceptance-based Therapies


EC 1204                                                                          11                                                                            Paul Lysaker, Ph.D                                                                                                                              Merit Institute                                                                                                                 Promoting Recovery From Sever Mental Illness: Implications from Research on Metacognition and Metacognitive Reflection, Insight, Therapy
EC 1204 25 Dorian Lamis, Ph.D Emory University Enhancing sense of purpose and life meaning in the treatment of depression and suicidal behaviors

EC 1204          8                   Peter Summergrad, M.D. Tufts                              Integrated medical psychiatric care
  22     No Grand Rounds, Happy Thanksgiving!

EC 1218 13                     Catherine Davis, Ph.D              MCG                                      The Effect of Exercise on Cognition in Children
  27     No Grand Rounds, Happy Holidays!

EC 1218 10 Francis G. Lu UC Davis DSM-5 Outline for Cultural Formulation and the Cultural Formulation Interview: Tools for Culturally Competent Care
  17 Paul Lysaker, Ph.D Merit Institute Promoting Recovery from Severe Mental Illness: Implications from Research on Metacognition and Metacognitive Reflection, Insight, Therapy
  24 Judy Shea, Ph.D U Penn Resident Duty Hours: Research Update
  31 Jose De Leon, M.D. University of Kentucky Why do you keep telling me that Drug-Drug Interactions are Important in Psychopharmacology When I Do Not See Them in my Clinical Practice?


EC 1218 14 David Williams, MD Medical College of Georgia            
  28 Michael Banov, M.D   Natural Supplements in the Management of Psychiatric Disorders


  Chelsea Carson, M.D                 Medical College of Georgia Student Engagement
  21 Sean Ferns DEA  
  28 Robert Golden, M.D University of Wisconsin

The Indolent History of Serotonin and Depression


  25 Ned H. Kalin, M.D. University of Wisconsin The Childhood Risk to Develop Anxiety and Depression: A Translational Neuroscience Approach

  9 W. Vaughn McCall, M.D. Medical College of Georgia Clinical trials of sleep therapies in suicidal patients
  23 Joseph McEvoy, M.D. Medical College of Georgia Impaired self-control and outcomes across severe mental illness