Dear students,
Welcome to your Psychiatry Clerkship! In the next 3 weeks, you will learn to evaluate and treat mental illness and psychiatric manifestations of other medical disorders. From the publication of DSM-5 to the advances in psychiatric genetics, neurostimulation and pharmacological treatment, and the understanding of neurobiological underpinnings of psychotherapy, we have a very exciting field to teach you about! Please read and become familiar with the clerkship objectives, and enjoy your psychiatry clerkship! 

photo of Chelsea Carson, MD, FAPA

Chelsea Carson, MD, FAPA

  • Clerkship Director
  • Stoney Bldg. - EG-2002

(706) 721-6585

photo of Sameera Azeem, MD

Sameera Azeem, MD

  • Associate Clerkship Director
photo of Jeri Ann Beckworth

Jeri Ann Beckworth

  • Clerkship Program Coordinator
  • Stoney Bldg. - EG-3004

(706) 721-6717