logo stating "PRIDE-FTG: Functional & Translational Genomics"

The study of blood disorders using interdisciplinary functional and translational genomics approaches has become a standard approach, now that we are well into the human genome era. 

This innovative, all-expense-paid training program will foster a unique learning environment to hone grant-writing skills and provide mentees access to cutting-edge techniques. Junior faculty mentees will learn to conduct competitive bench, translational and clinical research and strategies for academic advancement. Mentees will also participate in a peer-mentoring network to facilitate scientific collaboration, professional development and social support.

About PRIDE-FTG Program

PRIDE Program Components

The PRIDE-FTG Summer Institutes will be held 2 consecutive summers of the 1-year program (See PRIDE Curriculum). Mentees will be provided with the opportunity to compete for Small Research Project pilot funding to support future extramural grant applications.  Travel to the mentor's laboratory during the first winter will be supported to promote research collaboration, grant preparation and career planning. The third major component of the program will involve an annual workshop in Bethesda, MD during the first year to promote networking and research collaborations.

*Mentees will be required to gain approval from the Department Chair for the protected time to complete all components of the PRIDE program.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Absolutely committed to a long-term academic research career,
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident,
  • Clinical/translational, basic, and health services researchers at the junior faculty level (research scientist, instructor, assistant professor, or equivalent) with a research program in an area related to blood disorders, at an accredited institution in the United States. Selection will be based on merit while considering the potential of each mentee to increase diversity in the work force.


The following expenses will be covered by the PRIDE-FTG program:

Housing: Will be provided in a nearby hotel. Mentees with disabilities will be accommodated based on their needs.
Meals: Per diem will be awarded to each participant for meals during the institutes.
Transportation: Will be provided for the Summer Institutes, mid-winter mentor visit and networking meeting in Bethesda, MD to cover airfare for all trainees and ground transportation to and from the airport. If a mentee wishes to drive to the Summer Institutes, arrangements for parking and mileage reimbursement will be made.