The Summer Seminar Series has been organized each summer to correspond with the Physiology Department seminar program break.   It is coordinated by the Department of Physiology trainees.   Current trainees present their recent data to an open audience formed by members of the Physiology Department and outside guests.

Thursdays @ 9 a.m. in Room CA-2109, *unless otherwise noted

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Schedule for 2019:

2019 Speaker Mentor  Title Location

July 11

Casey Derella


Kasey Belanger

Dr. Ryan Harris


Dr. Jennifer Sullivan

"Type 1 Diabetes and Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Dysfunction: The Role of Sirtuin-1?"

"Sex Differences in the Role of Tregs in DOCA-Salt Hypertension"


July 18

Xueping Wan


Yanna Tian

Dr. Weiqin Chen


Dr. Zsolt Bagi

"COP9 Signalosome Subunit 8 (CSN8) Regulates Adipose Tissue Development and Thermogenic Function"

“ADAM17 impairs F11R/JAM-A mediated arterial wall shear stress mechanosensing in aging”


July 25




August 1

Vanessa Dela-Justina, PhD

Cheng Xu, PhD



Dr. Fernanda Priviero

Dr. Weiqin Chen


“O-GlcNAc Differently Modulates Uterine Artery from Pregnant and Non Pregnant Rats”

"Hepatocyte Deficiency of Neddylation Promotes Rapidly Progressive Liver Failure"


August 8


Sarah Ray

Riyaz Mohamed, PhD


Dr. Paul O'Connor

Dr. Jennifer Sullivan


"Pretreatment with low dose LPS attenuates vascular congestion in Male WKY rats”

“Impact of sex and hypertension on renal injury and recovery after renal ischemia reperfusion”


August 15

Ellen Gillis, PhD

Ki Jung Kim, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Sullivan

Dr. Jessica Filosa

“Adverse maternal and fetal outcomes in pregnancy after recovery from AKI”

“Impaired vasculo-neuronal coupling in a mouse model of vascular cognitive impairment”


August 22

Mahmoud Abdelbary

Elinor Mannon


Dr. Jennifer Sullivan

Dr. Paul O'Connor

“The contribution of cell death to blood pressure control in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR)”

“Oral NaHCO3 solution affects glucose homeostasis in rats”


August 29

Lindsey Ramirez

Shinjini Chowdhury


Dr. Jennifer Sullivan

Dr. Wendy Bollag


“A high fat diet increases pro-inflammatory T cells in a sex- specific manner”

“Regulation of aldosterone production via lipin-1 in human adrenocortical cells”