2019-2020 Seminar Series

Thursdays at 9 a.m. in the Interdisciplinary Research Building Room CA-2109, *unless otherwise noted

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Seminar Directors Contact:  Dr. Istvan Czikora (CA-3137, 706-721-2180) and Dr. Philip O'Herron (CA 2094, 706-721-9103).

2019-2020 Speaker Institution  Title Location
Sept. 12 Dr. Jessica Filosa Augusta University "Pressure gradients in the brain and their implication in cognitive dysfunction" CA-2109
Sept. 19 Dr. Ruth Harris Augusta University "Leptin and Energy Balance" CA-2109
Sept. 26 Dr. Justine Abais-Battad Augusta University "The Effects of Parental Diet on Dahl Salt-Sensitive Hypertension and Renal Damage" CA-2109
Oct. 3 Dr. Fernanda Priviero Augusta University "Innate immune system in erectile dysfunction associated with obesity" CA-2109
Oct. 10 Dr. Mykola Mamenko Augusta University "Sex-specific mechanisms in Angiotensin II-dependent hypertension: focus on the kidney" CA-2109
Oct. 17 Dr. Lois Smith Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital "Energy Metabolism and Neovascular Eye Disease" CA-2109
Oct. 24 Dr. Nirupama Ramkumar University of Utah "Renal tubular renin angiotensin system control of blood pressure and renal function" CA-2109
Oct. 31 Daniel Fehrenbach Augusta University "CD14 and the Macrophage in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension and Renal Injury" CA-2109
Nov. 7 Dr. Kristen Zuloaga Albany Medical College "Sex Differences in the Effects of Metabolic Disease on Vascular Contributions to Dementia" CA-2109
Nov. 14 Dr. Yanbin Dong Augusta University "Early Life Stress, Damage Associated Molecular Patterns, Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk" CA-2109
Nov. 21 Dr. Paul O'Connor Augusta University "Why the world’s gone mad and why we need to start treating AKI like a heart attack or stroke." CA-2109
Nov 28     No Seminar - Happy Thanksgiving!  
Dec. 5 Dr. Hongyi Zhou Augusta University "Adipose tissue in lipodystrophy and obesity: in search of novel fat controllers" CA-2109

Dec. 12*

Dr. Karen Griffin

Lois Ellison Lectureship

Loyola University Medical Center

"Hypertensive Kidney Injury and the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease"


Dec. 19     No Seminar - Happy Holidays!  
Dec. 26     No Seminar - Happy Holidays!  
Jan. 2     No Seminar - Happy New Year!  
Jan. 9 Dr. John Henry Dasinger Augusta University  “Environmental Influences in the Development of Hypertension and Renal Disease” CA-2109
Jan.16      No Seminar  
Jan. 23 Dr. Michael Brands Augusta University "Role of GFR (and Insulin?) in Controlling Blood Pressure Early in type 1 Diabetes" CA-2109
Jan. 30 Dr. David Blake Augusta University "Deep Brain Stimulation of the Basal Forebrain: Effects on Cognition, and Application to Alzheimer’s” CA-2109
Feb. 6 Dr. Kelly Hyndman University of Alabama - Birmingham "Epigenetics of fluid-electrolyte balance" CA-2109
Feb. 13      No seminar  
Feb. 20 Dr. Ellen Gillis Augusta University “Pregnancy after “recovery” from acute kidney injury” CA-2109
Feb. 27 Dr. Benedek Erdos The University of Vermont “Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, a Key Regulator of Cardiovascular Stress Responses” CA-2109

Mar. 5*

Dr. David H. Ellison

Virendra Mahesh Lectureship

Oregon Health and Sciences University

“Potassium Signals Kidney Cells via Voltage, Chloride, and WNK Kinases."


Mar. 12  Dr. Jessica Faulkner Augusta University "Sex-specific implications of leptin and mineralocorticoid receptors in endothelial function and hypertension” CA-2109