2018-2019 Seminar Series

Thursdays at 9 a.m. in the Interdisciplinary Research Building Room CA-2109, *unless otherwise noted

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Seminar Director Contact:  Dr. Mykola Mamenko, CA 3147, (706) 721-3147

2018-2019 Speaker Institution  Title Location
Sept. 6 Dr. Rudolf Lucas Augusta University "Novel peptide-based therapy towards glomerulonephritis" CA-2109
Sept. 13 Dr. Sergei Kirov Augusta University "Window into the injured brain: Mechanisms of neuronal and astroglial swelling underlying cytotoxic edema" CA-2109
Sept. 20 Dr. Michael Brands Augusta University "Role of insulin-mediated antinatriuresis in sodium homeostasis and hypertension" CA-2109
Sept. 27 Dr. Maleah Holland Augusta University "Ketosis may benefit the stressed brain" CA-2109
Oct. 4 Dr. Terri Marin Augusta University "Biomarkers to Detect Early, Subclinical Acute Kidney Injury in Premature Infants" CA-2109
Oct. 11     No Seminar - Campus Closed
Oct. 18 Dr. Zheng Dong Augusta University "Epigenetic regulation of kidney injury." CA-2109
Oct. 25        
Nov. 1 Dr. Tohru Fukai Augusta University "Oxidative Stress, Cu transport proteins, and Extracellular SOD in Vascular Metabolic Disease" CA-2109
Nov. 8 Dr. Timo Rieg University of South Florida "Role of adenylyl cyclase 6 for epithelial transport" CA-2109
Nov. 15     No Seminar  
Nov. 22     No Seminar - Happy Thanksgiving!  
Nov 29.     No Seminar  

Dec. 6*

Dr. Meredith Hay

Lois Ellison Lectureship


 University of Arizona

Angiotensin-(1-7): A Novel Cognitive Protective Therapeutic, or “The Yellow Brick Road to Dementia Therapeutics”


Dec. 13 Dr. Dan Rudic Augusta University “Cardiovascular Functions of the Circadian Clock” CA-2109
Dec. 20      No Seminar  
Dec. 27      No Seminar - Happy Holidays!  
Jan. 3      No Seminar - Happy New Year!  
Jan. 10  Dr. Hang Yin University of Georgia "Ironing out oxidative stress during brown adipose thermogenesis" CA-2109
Jan.17      No Seminar  
Jan. 24 Dr. Richard Rogers Pennington Biomedical Research Center “Hindbrain Astrocyte-Neuron Communications In Glucose Counterregulation" CA-2109
Jan. 31 Dr. Peter Koch University of Colorado "Molecular Pathology Underlying TP63-Related Ectodermal Dysplasias" CA-2109

Feb. 7*

Dr. Donald Kohan

Thomas Muldoon Lectureship 

University of Utah

"Uncovering novel renal mechanisms controlling salt excretion and arterial pressure"

2019 Muldoon Lectureship - Drs. Mamenko and Kohan

Feb. 14 Dr. David Fulton Augusta University "Galectin-3: A harbinger of vascular remodeling in pulmonary hypertension" CA-2109
Feb. 21 Dr. Colin Reardon University of California, Davis "Understanding the peripheral neural-immune interface" CA-2109
Feb. 28 Dr. Nicole Ward Case Western Reserve University "The challenges of modelling psoriatic inflammation and translating mouse model findings back to psoriasis patients" CA-2109
Mar. 7 Dr. Lynnette McCluskey Augusta University "Immune regulation of taste function" CA-2109
Mar. 14 Dr. Aylin Rodan University of Utah "Ion transport regulation in renal epithelia: from flies to humans" CA-2109
Mar. 21 Dr. Stephen Back Oregon Health Sciences University “Cerebral White Matter Injury: New Insights from Prematurity to Pre-Senility” CA-2109

Mar. 28

Dr. Anil K. Bidani

Mahesh Lectureship

Loyola University Medical Center

“Hypertensive Renal Damage: Pathophysiology and Dynamics of Glomerular BP Transmission”


Apr. 4     No Seminar - Experimental Biology Meeting
Apr. 11     No Seminar - Spring Break  
Apr. 18 Dr. Eric Belin de Chantemele  Augusta University   CA-2109
Apr. 25 Dr. Wang Wang University of Washington   CA-2109

May 2*

Dr. Karen Reue

Greenblatt Lectureship

University of California Los Angeles




May 9  Dr. David Basile Indiana University   CA-2109

May 16

Mini Symposium



"Smooth muscle physiology in cardio-vascular system and beyond"


May 23 Dr. Aaron Polichnowski East Tennessee State University    
May 30 Dr. Norma Frizzell University of South Carolina School of Medicine   CA-2109