Thursdays at 9 AM in the Interdisciplinary Research Building Room CA-2109, *unless otherwise noted

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Seminar Director Contact:  Dr. Justine Abais-Battad (CA 3145, 706-721-1321)

2021-2022 Speaker Institution  Title Location

Sept. 16

 Dr. Pablo Nakagawa

Medical College of Wisconsin

"Role of the Brain Renin-Angiotensin System in the Regulatio of Blood Pressure and Autonomic Outflow"


CA 2109

Sept. 23

Dr. Jing Wu

Medical College of Wisconsin

"PPARgamma Downstream Pathways in Salt Sensitive Hypertension:  Renal Hemodynamic and Immune Mechanisms"


CA 2109

Sept. 30

 Dr. Wenbo Zhi

Augusta University

"Proteomic and Metabolic View of Biological and Disease Processes:  How the Proteomics Core Facility Can Actually Facilitate Your Research”

CA 2109

Oct. 7

 Dr. Venkatesh Sundaajan

Rutgers University

“Mitochondrial Protein Quality Control by LonP1 in the Heart"


 CA 2109

Oct. 21

Dr. David Krzywanski


“Nicotinamide Nucleotide Transhydrogenase (NNT) Regulates Mitochondrial Redox Balance in Atherosclerosis"



Nov. 4

 Dr. Alison Kriegel

Medical College of Wisconsin

“Delaying End-Stage Renal Disease: Insights from Unbiased Multi-Omics Analysis"



Nov. 11

Dr. Isin Cakir

University of Michigan

"Identification of Two Novel Pathways for Leptin Sensitization"



Nov. 18 and 25

Thanksgiving Break     N/A

Dec. 9

Dr. Oleg Palygin

Medical University of south Carolina

“inwardly Rectifying Potassium Channels in the Kidney and Their Role in Renal Electrolyte Transport"



Dec. 16

Dr. Allison Norlander

Vanderbilt University

“Deciphering the Mechanisms Through Which PGI2 Reduces Inflammation in Asthma and Hypertension"


CA 2109

Dec. 23 and 30

Holiday Break      

Jan. 13

Dr. Yanting Chen 

University of Utah School of Medicine

"Soluble Prorenin Receptor Regulates Circadian Rhythm of Blood Pressure"




Dr. Krisztian Stadler


Pennington Biomedical Research Center

“Mitochondrial Substrate Overload and Renal Proximal Tubular Injury" 



Feb. 3

Dr. Shawn Campagna

University of Tennessee Knoxville

"Metabolomics: A Powerful Tool to Probe Organismal Physiology"



Feb. 17

Dr. Ji Li

University of South Florida

“AMPK Signaling in Age-related Heart Failure"



Feb. 24

Dr. Gaurov Baranwal

Texas A&M 

"Impact of Genetically Augmented Renal Lymphatics in Mice Models of Kidney Injury"


March 3

Dr. Huabo Su

Vascular Biology Center, AU

"Parkin-Independent Mechanisms of Mitochondrial Turnover"



March 10

Dr. Tahir Hussain

University of Houston

"Angiotensin Type 2 Receptor as an Immunomodulatory and Reno-Protective Target"



March 17

Dr. Mark Hamrick

Augusta University

"Kynurenine-aryl Hydrocarbon Recepto Interactions in Aging and Healthspan"

CA 2109

March 24

Dr. Kristine DeLeon-Pennell

Medical University of South Carolina

"Cytotoxic T-Cells:  Nature's Killers or Something More"


March 31 TBD      
April 7 Experimental Biology meeting      

April 14

(Physiology mini-symposium)

Dr. Janos Peti-Peterdi

Dr. Georgina Gyarmati

Dr. Mazhar Adli

Keck School of Medicine Usc

Keck School of Medicine Usc

University of Virginia

April 21 Dr. Lori O'Brien University of North Carolina TBD  
April 28 Dr. Nagendra Singh Augusta University TBD  
May 5 Dr. Frank Deak Augusta University TBD  

May 11

*Lois Ellison Lectureship

Dr. Merry Lyndsey University of Nebraska    

May 12

*Mahesh Lectureship


Dr. Tim Hla Harvard Medical School - Boston Children's Hospital TBD  
May 19 Dr. Stella Goulopoulou Loma Linda University TBD  
May 26 TBD      

June 2

*Greenblatt Lectureship

Dr. Benjamin Humphreys Washington University School of Medicine TBD