Neuroscientists in the Department of Physiology examine the function of both the central and peripheral nervous systems. Students interested in neuroscience are encouraged to participate in programs and classes offered through the Graduate Program in Neuroscience.

Dr. Jessica Filosa: Neurovascular coupling.

Dr. Ruth Harris: Leptin in the control of food intake and stress responses.

Dr. Philip O'Herron: Neurovascular coupling and visual processing


Nothing says cardiovascular neuroscience like a heart shaped brain cell.
Heart Shaped Brain Cell - Dr. Ann Schreihofer Research Image
Brain-stem neuron that regulates sympathetic nervous system outputs to the heart and blood vessels. The red shot shows that it is a single labeled neuron that was recorded from under physiological conditions in the rat. The right photo  in situ hybridization showing the GABA phenotype of this cell.

Dr. Ann Schreihofer, former Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology