Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Hypertension, Physiology Department Chair

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Education and Training

University of Minnesota-Duluth, Biology, BS, 1984
Medical College of Wisconsin, Physiology, PhD, 1990

Academic Appointments

1992-1997 - Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin
1997-2002 - Associate Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin
2014-2015 - Interim Senior Associate Dean of Research, Medical College of Wisconsin
2002-2019 - Professor with Tenure, Medical College of Wisconsin
2019 - Department Chair and Professor, Department of Physiology, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University

Research Interests

Studies in the Mattson laboratory examine the normal and pathophysiological regulation of renal function and arterial blood pressure. A particular emphasis is placed on the paracrine, autocrine, and hormonal regulation of renal tubular and vascular function. Additional studies are geared toward an understanding of the genetic basis of hypertension and renal disease. The work performed in my laboratory utilizes techniques taken from molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, and integrative physiology to address the role of the kidney in the regulation of sodium and water homeostasis and arterial pressure. Studies utilize in vitro measurements of mRNA, protein, enzymatic activity, enzyme kinetics, and cell signaling as well as in vivo measurements of hormone levels, blood flow, blood pressure, and other indices of renal/cardiovascular function in anesthetized and conscious rats and mice. Our experimental models include various strains of inbred and genetically manipulated rats and mice. 


Awards and Honors

1984             Summa Cum Laude, University of Minnesota Duluth
1990             Outstanding Dissertation Award, Medical College of Wisconsin
1991             Merck Sharpe & Dohme Travel Fellowship
1998             Fellow, American Heart Association Council for High Blood Pressure Research
2000             Established Investigator Award, American Heart Association
2006             Distinguished Lecturer in Integrative Physiology, University of Saskatchewan
2008,10-16  Outstanding Medical Student Educator, Medical College of Wisconsin
2013,18        Medical College of WisconsinFaculty Service Award
2015             Medical College of Wisconsin Distinguished Service Award
2016             Medical College of Wisconsin Society of Teaching Scholars
2018             Starling Award-American Physiological Society

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