PhonDr. Zsolt Bagie:  (706) 721-8819
 Fax:  (706) 721-7299
 Office: CA-3133
 Lab: CA-3132A




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Education and Training

General Semmelweis University of Budap, Biomedical Sciences, PhD, 2004

Semmelweis University of Budap, Medicine, MD, 2000

Academic Appointments

2001-2010 - Assistant Professor, New York Medical College
2010-2012 - Intermediate Research Fellow, British Heart Foundation Center of Research Excellence at University of Oxford
2011-2013 - Senior Research Fellow, Somerville College, Oxford University
2013 - 2019 Associate Professor, Augusta University
2019 -  Professor, Deparment of Physiology, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University

Research Interests

Coronary microvascular disease in patients with diabetes mellitus and diastolic heart failure.

Awards and Honors

2008 - Bristol-Myers Squibb Young Investigator Award of the American Physiological Society

2007 - ATVB Merit Award of the American Heart Association

2004 - Van Leeuwenhoek Distinctive Travel Award of the European Society for Microcirculation

2004 - Zweifach Student Award of the American Microcirculatory Society

2003 - Caroline tum Suden/Frances A. Hellenbrandt Award, American Physiological Society

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Marta Bagine Balogh
Research Associate

Vadym Buncha
Graduate Student

Alec Davila 
MD/PhD Fellow

Katherine Fopiano
Graduate Student

Yanna Tian 
Graduate Student

Dr. Bagi Lab 2018
Pictured (left to right): Yanna Tian, Marta Bagine Balogh, Dr. Zsolt Bagi, Alec Davila, Dr. Istvan Czikora