• Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Students

      photo of Fred Bonsack

      Fred Bonsack

      Mentor:  Sangeetha Sukumari-Ramesh, PhD
      LAB:  CB 3515
      Research Interest: Inflammatory Mediators Following Intracerebral Hemorrhage 
      Graduation: Fall 2024
      Undergraduate:  Auburn University



      •  Lowell M. Greenbaum Award for Excellence in Pharmacology, Graduate Research Day, 2022
      photo of Christian Bryant

      Christian Bryant

      Mentor:  Guangyu Wu, PhD
      LAB:  CB 3504
      Research Interest:  G-Protein Coupled Receptors
      Graduation:  2026
      Undergraduate: University of West Georgia



      • Raymond P. Ahlquist Travel Award, AY 2021-2022
      • 4th Place Award in Basic Science Research at the Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine Phi Zeta Research Day (for an oral presentation of research into Salmonella in Herpetofauna Species in the Cumberland Gap), 2019
      • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award from the University of West Georgia Center for Adult Learners and Veterans, 2017
      photo of Casey Cryan

      Casey Cryan

      Mentor:  Brian Muntean, PhD
      LAB:  CB 3621
      Research Interest: Exploring the relationship between KCTD proteins on GPCRs and their role in neuronal signaling 
      Undergraduate: King’s College (in Wilkes Barre, PA)



      • The Susquehanna Valley Section, American Chemical Society Award, 2021
      photo of Wonjo Jang

      Wonjo Jang

      Mentor:  Nevin Lambert, PhD
      LAB:  CB 3517
      Research Interest:  GPCR Cell Signaling
      Graduation:  Spring 2022
      Undergraduate:  Duke University



      • PhRMA Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship in Drug Discovery, 2021
      • Award of Excellence in Research by Augusta University Neuroscience Department, 2021
      • Jerry J. Buccafusco Travel Award, 2020
      • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, 2017
      • Dean's Clinical Honor Society, 2017
      • Gilbert Maxwell Award, Merit scholarship awarded by Medical College of Georgia Scholarship Committee, 2014-2016
      photo of Khadijah Shanazz

      Khadijah Shanazz

      Mentor:  Almira Vazdarjanova, PhD
      LAB:  CB 3503
      Research Interest:  Revealing Individual Susceptibility to PTSD
      Graduation:  Fall 2022
      Undergraduate: Augusta University



      •  CNVAMC Research Week 2nd Place Graduate Student Award, 2021
      • Graduate Student Government Integrity Award, 2021
      • Raymond P. Ahlquist Travel Award, 2020
      • Jerry J. Buccafusco Travel Award, 2019
      • SRP, Travel Award, 2018
      • Sara Sanken Davis Memorial Scholarship, 2015


      photo of Noah Watson

      Noah Watson

      Mentor:  Sangeetha Sukumari-Ramesh, PhD
      LAB:  CB 3515
      Research Interest:  Examining HDAC3 inhibition effects on intracerebral hemmorhage
      Graduation:  2025
      Undergraduate: Berry College