Information for students and future Otolaryngology residents


Otolaryngology has long been a popular surgical specialty elective at the Medical College of Georgia (the Medical School of Augusta University). Rotations are currently in 2-week blocks as part of the Surgery third-year clinical rotation.

Additional, focused experiences in Otolaryngology are available to medical students with a particular interest in Otolaryngology. These elective rotations are available to both Augusta University students, and students at other United States medical schools.

If you are interested in pursuing an Otolaryngology sub-internship, focused elective, away rotation, or Otolaryngology student research elective, please see the appropriate links below or contact the Student Coordinator Mingsi Li.


What is an Otolaryngologist?

Otolaryngology Clerkship (AU Students)

Otolaryngology Elective (for visiting students)

Otolaryngology Research Elective

Otolaryngology Residency Match

Glossary of Otolaryngology Terms

Otolaryngology / Head & Neck Surgery Residency Program at MCG

Useful Otolaryngology Links