Residents will be allowed to attend one meeting per year with meeting registration, travel, hotel, and per diem paid for by the department.

Approval to attend a particular meeting is conditional on acceptance of a paper or poster to that meeting. In other words, a resident must present a paper or poster in order to attend the meeting.

Presented papers or posters must be submitted as a manuscript for publication prior to approval for future meeting attendance.

Typically, the approved meetings for attendance will be the major neurosurgery meetings (e.g., CNS, AANS, AANS/CNS Section meeting, and Southern Neurosurgical); however, other major meetings (e.g., Society for Neuroscience) will be considered on a case by case basis.

Approved meetings must be in the continental United States.

The R1 (PGY2) resident will be restricted to attending a meeting after January 1, and will be conditional on excellent performance in duties.

All meeting attendance requires approval from the Chief Resident for scheduling of coverage requirements.

Attendance to the Georgia Neurosurgical Society meetings is encouraged, and will not count towards the one meeting per year restriction. The Society pays a portion of the expenses for a resident to attend the meeting. The Department will pay the remainder up to a specific budget amount to be determined.

Additional courses and meetings will require:

 ■  Faculty approval

 ■  Independent funding

 ■  Excused leave if presenting a paper

 ■  Vacation time if not presenting a paper

Any exceptions to the above require faculty approval.