Patient Rounds

Rounds are made with the faculty and residents on a daily basis at the Augusta University Medical Center, VA Medical Center, and Children's Hospital of Georgia, according to the patient population of each service.

Call Schedule

The frequency of on-call duty for House Officers is, on the average, no more than every 3rd night. House Officers are required to spend, on the average, at least 1 full day out of 7 away from Program duties. It should be noted that these frequencies are averages over a 4 week period of time and a House Officer's call schedule may vary according to patient care needs and the particular service involved.

Salary and Benefits July 1, 2020 - June, 2021

 ■  PGY1 $53,586.13 (monthly: $4,465.51)

 ■  PGY2 $55,402.86 (monthly: $4,616.91)

 ■  PGY3 $57,273.11 (monthly: $4,772.76)

 ■  PGY4 $59,704.39 (monthly: $4,975.37)

 ■  PGY5 $62,171.22 (monthly: $5,180.94)

 ■  PGY6 $64,512.31 (monthly: $5,376.03)

 ■  PGY7 $66,813.82 (monthly: $5,567.82)

Criminal Background Check

A House Officer's contract is contingent upon consenting to a criminal background check through Augusta University Division of Public Safety, and upon their approval of the results of that background check. Normally takes 48-72 hours to process for and cannot start training until background form approved.


1. No vacation will be allowed during the first two weeks of July or the last two weeks of June.  No vacation will be allowed during the last two weeks of January or the first two weeks of March.

2. No more than two residents at a time will be allowed to take the same dates for vacation, conferences, or courses.

3. Chief residents will not be allowed to take the same dates for leave except under unavoidable circumstances.  It is the Chief resident's responsibility to notify the co-chief of his/her planned absence and secure adequate coverage for the service.

4. All requests for vacation must be made at least three months in advance of the desired dates.  If vacation requests are not made within the three-month time frame the requests will be denied.

5. All vacation requests should be taken in 7-day blocks beginning on a Monday and ending on the following Sunday.

6. You are allowed three seven-day blocks of vacation to schedule according to the above guidelines and an additional 7-day block during the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

7. Five weekdays will be allowed for interviewing in addition to regularly scheduled vacation.  Any additional days for interviewing will have to be taken as vacation days.

8. All requests for leave must be approved by the Chief resident and the program director and by accompanied by a leave request form.

9. Any vacation days not taken in the current academic year will be forfeited.

10. Vacation requests will not be approved if the requested time off is not at least three months from the last approved vacation.

Other Benefits

Resident benefits include group health insurance for the resident, malpractice insurance, group life insurance, disability insurance, lab coats and laundering, and parking. Dental insurance, health insurance for the resident's family and additional life insurance are available at a small cost.