A Medical Student Medical College of Georgia Chapter of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons was formed in January 2018. 

 John Vender, M.D. is the new Interim Chair of Neurosurgery while a national search is underway.  Dr. Vender took over from Dr. Cargill Alleyne in March 2018.

 Krishnan C. Dhandapani, Ph.D.
• Scientific reviewer, Paralyzed  Veterans of America, 2017-18
• Scientific reviewer, Department of Defense – CDMRP Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine study section, scientific reviewer, 2017
• Scientific reviewer, Department of Defense – CDMRP-Vision Research Program; Technology/
Therapeutic – Device Development study section, scientific reviewer, 2018
• Scientific reviewer, Department of Defense/CDMRP – Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine 
Research Program. Ocular Trauma study section, scientific reviewer, 2018

 Ian Heger, M.D. 
• "A Healing Touch" - Dr. Heger featured in an article about tethered cord syndrome.

 Sergei A. Kirov, Ph.D. 
NIH Special Emphasis Panel “Acute Brain Injury and Recovery” 2018/01 ZRG1 BDCN-Y (02) M, October 2017
• NIH ZRG1 F03A (20), Fellowships: Neurodevelopment, Synaptic Plasticity, Neurodegeneration Study Section,  Oct 2017, March 2018, and June 2018       
Discussion Leader/Session Co-Chair.  “Session 5: Spreading Depolarization”. The 14th International Conference on Acute Neurovascular Event after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage – Vasospasm 2017, Huntington Beach, CA, October 2017
Co-Chair at 2018/08 ZMH1 ERB-C (08). NIH BRAIN Initiative Review Panel: Tools to Facilitate High-Throughput Microconnectivity Analysis, June 2018

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