GHSU Neurosurgery, Group Photo

Standing left to right:

Dr. Harry Honda- neurosurgery resident

Graig Goodwin (aka Bob Conway)- neurosurgery lab physicist

Dr. William Meeks- neurosurgery resident

Dr. Arthur Gindin- director, VA neurosurgery service

Dr. Ernest Fokes- neurosurgery resident

Dr. John Williams- neurosurgery resident

Dr. Tom Lott- resident rotating on neurosurgery service (became private practice radiologist, Augusta, GA)

Dr. William Mayher- neurosurgery resident

Dr. John Reynolds- neurosurgery resident

Seated left to right:

Dr. L..O.J. Manganiello- private practice neurosurgeon, Augusta, GA

Dr. Marshall B. Allen, Jr.- chief, section of neurosurgery


Dr. Pomeroy Nichols- private practice neurosurgeon, Augusta, GA

Frances DeRoller- neurosurgery medical illustrator

Ms. Joyce Utley- neurosurgery secretary

*If you know the names of these people, please contact us