The Medical College of Georgia's Child Neurology Residency Program at Augusta University operates in conjunction with the Adult Neurology Program.

Our program

The Child Neurology Residency Program at MCG is highly competitive and highly rewarding. Our department accepts one candidate per year. The child neurology clinical faculty consist of Drs. Yong Park, Suzanne Strickland, Elizabeth Sekul, and James Carroll (emeritus). Our child neurology division has experience providing care in all aspects of child neurology, with a specific emphasis on epilepsy. Many of the faculty are strongly involved in research and resident involvement is encouraged.

Our child neurology residency program is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and requires students to take:

  • One year of adult neurology
  • One year of child neurology
  • One year of neuropathology, child psychiatry, EEG, EMG, neuroradiology, and neuroscience electives.
  • Two years of training in general pediatrics, but other routes are possible and should be discussed with the program director.

Child neurology now participates in the Match Program with ERAS. Applicants are encouraged to contact the program director as soon as possible.

photo of Suzanne Strickland, MD

Suzanne Strickland, MD

  • Child Neurology Residency Program Director
  • Assistant Professor