We are seeking candidates who are passionate about neurology. We are most interested in team players that have consistently shown leadership, excellent professionalism, interpersonal skills, and who are committed to the rigors needed to become an excellent clinician.

FRIEDA Program Listing

Application Requirements

We are a diversified department and accept applications from those with MD or DO training as well as ECFMGs.

Requirements for ERAS:

  • ERAS Application.
  • CV
  • Photograph
  • USMLE Step 1 (a passing score on the first attempt is required) or COMLEX Step 1
  • +/- USMLE Step 2 or COMLEX Step 2 (We realize that there may have been some delays secondary to the COVID19 Pandemic)
  • MSPE (medical school performance evaluation)
  • Medical School Transcript
  • Personal Statement
  • Photograph
  • At least three letters of recommendation, with at least one being from a neurologist (if possible).


Foreign Medical Graduates:

  • Valid ECFMG certificate or ECFMG certificate eligible
  • US Clinical Experience encouraged
  • Support for J1 VISA
  • Applications are accepted via the AAMC ERAS system.
  • Our Adult Neurology Program ACGME ID is: 1801221029

Planning Your Interview

Meet Our Interviewers for the Virtual Interview Season 2023-24:

Ben Barnes, MD

  • Assistant Professor of Neurology
  • Residency Program Director

Askiel Bruno, MD

  • Professor of Neurology 
  • Vice Chair of Research 

Klepper Alfredo Garcia, MD

  • Associate Professor of Neurology
  • Joint Appointment - Neurosurgery

Dan-Victor Giurgiutiu, MD

  • Assistant Professor Neurology, Division of Neuro-Interventional/Vascular Neurology
  • Clinical/Research Interests: Indications for neuro-intervention

J. Edward Hartmann, MD

  • Associate Professor of Neurology

John C. Morgan, MD, PhD

  • Professor of Neurology 
  • Director, Movement Disorders Program 
  • Movement Disorder Specialist

Fenwick T. Nichols, MD, FACP, FAHA, FAAN

  • Professor of Neurology 

J. Ned Pruitt, MD

  • Professor of Neurology

Elizabeth Rutkowski, MD

  • Associate Professor of Neurology, Division Neuro-hospitalist
  • Associate Program Director, Neurology Residency
  • Clinical/Research Interests: Neuro-infectious Diseases, Neurological Complications of COVID19

Manan Shah, MD

  • Associate Professor of Neurology, Division of Neuro-Critical Care
  • Clinical/Research Interests: Subarachnoid hemorrhage, status epilepticus, neurologic prognostication and multimodal monitoring.

Charlie Wolf MD

  • Associate Professor Neurology, Division Neuro-hospitalist
  • Clinical/Research Interests: Vascular Neurology

Nilufer Yalcin, MD

  • Assistant Professor Neurology, Division of Neuro-Critical Care 
  • Clinical Interests: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Ischemic Stroke, Intracerebral Hemorrhage, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Status Epilepticus, Coma, Encephalitis, Acute neuromuscular weakness with respiratory compromise, and Multimodal neuromonitoring. 
  • Research Interests: Cortical Spreading Depolarizations, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Program Coordinator:

Debbie Langston

Mayra Galan