Our program fosters a culture of academic and clinical excellence in patient care with many opportunities for educational, clinical, and translational research. As a referral center, our program balances varied patient cases and exposure with legendary in depth case-by-case learning and didactics.

We carry on our institution’s legacy of strong academic training, leadership, and research as we are a referral center for the Southeast and are associated with the 13th oldest medical school in the United States. As such, our residents are given a dynamic experience of being an integral part of the team and routinely teach medical students and visiting residents.

The Department of Neurology is well known for teaching of residents and medical students.  The Department won the best clinical teaching department award at MCG.  We have numerous teaching conferences outlined throughout the year which include:

  • An attending ran daily morning report in which residents check out the patients in an in depth learning conference style morning report.
  • Noon conferences organized in a block schedule
  • Stroke conference
  • Epilepsy Conference
  • Tumor Board Multispecialty Conference
  • Neuro-endovascular Conference
  • tPA review conference
  • Neuropathology Conferences
  • Pediatric Neurology Conference
  • Grand Rounds

Our residents enjoy enriched comprehensive training, and they benefit from their exposure to these patients and from the ability to work closely with the attending(s) during the treatment plans for patients.  Our patient mixture affords our residents the opportunity to see a broad comprehensive variety of consults and also to refer to a wide variety of in-house specialists.