As trips to exotic destinations becomes more common, travelers increasingly are exposed to infectious diseases which are not present or common at home. Fortunately, many of these diseases can be prevented through vaccination, medication, and some simple precautions.

All patients at the MCG Travel Clinic get an individualized assessment of their needs based on their travel itinerary and personal medical history. They are counseled regarding precautions to take during travel. Anti-malarial medication and antibiotics for Traveler's diarrhea are prescribed when necessary. The Travel Clinic also provides necessary vaccinations. We are a certified yellow fever vaccine station.

Evaluation of infections acquired during travel is also available. A previous visit prior to travel greatly facilitates the evaluation of signs and symptoms of infections that may develop later.

Travelers are seen by appointment only. Appointments for the Travel Clinic can be made by calling 721-1450. You will be asked for your travel itinerary so that an appropriate set of recommendations can be prepared for you. In order to allow vaccinations to take effect, appointments should be scheduled at least 1 month before departure.