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First enacted by Congress in 1990, the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency – or CARE – Act, addresses the unmet health needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. It funds health care and support services with the goal of getting people into care and keeping them there.

The goal of our program is to ensure access to health care and reduce disparities. We want to make sure that all persons who need care can get it. Access to high quality care should be equal, regardless of ability to pay.

If you would like more information about our program or the care we provide, please call 706-721-4463.

About Ryan

Ryan White was an Indiana teenager with hemophilia who contracted HIV through a blood transfusion.

For more information about Ryan White and the Ryan White Program, please visit the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) website.

World Aids Day

World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1 each year around the world. It has become one of the most recognized international health days and a key opportunity to raise awareness, commemorate those who have passed on, and celebrate victories such as increased access to treatment and prevention services. World AIDS Day is important as it serves as a reminder that HIV has not gone worldaway – there is still a vital need to raise money, increase awareness, fight prejudice and improve education. World AIDS Day is an opportunity to learn the facts about HIV and put this knowledge into action. Understanding how HIV is transmitted, how it can be prevented, and the reality of living with HIV today can help individuals care for their own health and the health of others.

You can show your support on World AIDS Day by wearing a red ribbon, the international symbol of HIV awareness.