Avoid Student Loans with Tuition Waivers and an Annual Stipend

To encourage the education of physician-scientists, the state of Georgia waives tuition for MD/PhD students for the duration of the program so they can fully focus on their studies.

MD/PhD students receive an annual stipend of $27,000 and optional student health insurance. An additional $1,000 is available to offset travel expenses for presentation of research findings at local, national, and international scientific / clinical meetings.

Students who compete successfully for eligible individual, external predoctoral fellowships will be rewarded for their efforts in the form of a supplement of $5,000 above the current Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) stipend unless the external award is less than $5,000.

While the program covers most academic expenses, students are responsible for any University fees each semester.

For more information, please email mdphd@augusta.edu.